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Puerto Vallarta City Guide

Puerto Vallarta Travel & Vacation Guide

So you are thinking Puerto Vallarta could be a great place to visit during your vacations, but you aren't completely sure it will have what you need. Finding the information within a site can be complicated, this guide intends to make it all easier to find and make an informed decision. Go to the Guide Menu.

Sunset and marigalante

  1. Where is Puerto Vallarta?
  2. Why choose Puerto Vallarta?
  3. Can I get there from where I live?
  4. When should I go? Weather & clothes.
  5. What should I pack?
  6. What travel documents do I need?
  7. Where would it be best to stay based on my interests? (zones & hotels):
  1. North zone
  2. Nuevo Vallarta
  3. Marina Vallarta
  4. Hotel zone
  1. Downtown
  2. Romantic zone
  3. South zone
  4. Zone map popup
  1. Some recommendations for:
  1. Families with children
  2. Couples
  3. Seniors
  1. Single
  2. LGBT
  1. Safety.
  2. How to move around town.
  3. Food and drink.
  4. What to do.
  5. Money, banks & ATMs Wi-Fi and more.


More information:

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