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General City Information

Puerto Vallarta is on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico:

  1. 200 miles (339km) west of Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco
  2. 549 miles (885km) NW of Mexico City
  3. 177 miles (285km) NW of Manzanillo
  4. 277 miles (447km) SE of Mazatlan.

If nothing rings a bell, then use the map for a better idea. Read much more in the "Where is Puerto Vallarta located? popup" section or use this map:

The city is found in a large bay, called Banderas Bay, which is Mexico's largest natural bay and the second largest in America. The population is around 250 thousand inhabitants with almost 5 million visitors each year.

  • The city is 3 hours by from Los Angeles by plane, and just over 4.5 from Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, New York & Toronto. More air flight distances popup.
  • Puerto Vallarta is on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys nearly perfect weather popup all year long.
  • Situated on the West coast of the state of Jalisco, between latitudes N20°27’00” and N20°59’00” & between longitudes W104°55’00” and W105°33’00”, 2m above sea level.

More information popup on the city.

Downtown Vallarta

City Guide Menu:

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