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Fiesta in Mexico

About Mexico, traditions & information

This section is dedicated to Mexico.

We offer general information on traditions, famous Mexicans, food and drink, prehispanic info and more. When you are informed you can enjoy the new Mexican experiences even more.

We know you'll find useful information here and that it will help you get the most out of your trip to Puerto Vallarta plus you'll learn a bit more about this very interesting country: Viva México!

Mexican Arts & Traditions


Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) a party for the living
Learn a bit more about this very interesting and refreshing Mexican tradition.

La Charreria and the Charro, that's Mexico
Jalisco, the state where Puerto Vallarta is located, is the birthplace of most of the traditions that best represent Mexico.

Mexico, folklore and festivities
Mexico is synonymous to bright colors, songs, dances, ceremonies, fireworks, original costumes and more...

Mexico, heir to two great culture
Mexico is heir of great civilizations like the Aztecs, Mayas and Olmecs and the European Spanish culture...

Mexican Rock Music 1 - Part 2
A short list of some of the best rock groups and solo artists in Mexico, some you already know, but we hope you find some new inspiration too.

Though anybody would swear piñatas are Mexican, their history is quite interesting and starts off in China.
Part 1: The Origin of the Pinata
Part 2: Pinatas in Italy and Spain
Part 3: Piñatas arrive in Mexico
Part 4: Modern Mexican Pinatas

Mexican Food and Drink

Food & drink

Beans & Mexico
Another legacy to the world, this time a legume, that traveled to Europe, back and around the world.

Coffee Made in Mexico
Mexico is an important coffee producer worldwide. Among the other Mexican coffee-growing states (Veracruz, Oaxaca, Puebla), it is still Chiapas that is the most important.

History of Mexican Wine
(Warning, do not access if you are under the local drinking age)
Mexico is the oldest American wine producer, but its industry of quality wines is relatively recent. Wine was consumed as food, medicine and to regain strength.

Local dishes
There's a lot to choose from when you start trying the local Vallarta food and traditional Jalisco dishes...

Mexican Christmas Food
Christmas feast in Mexico is a mix of prehispanic recipes, New World ingredients and a lot of fusion and fun.
Part 1: Introduction and Posada food.
Part 2: Guajolote Mole & The Tomato Invasion
Part 3: Romeritos & The Sweet Finale

Mexican Sweets & Candies
Learn about the history behind Mexico's distinctive sweets and the innumerable regional candies.

Mexico's delicious and edible insects
Learn an bit more about the insects that are a culinary treat in Mexico (three parts).
Part 1: Edible Insects, intro & some history
Part 2: Edible Insects in Mexico
Part 3: Off the frying pan and into the mouth

Mexican Wines
(Warning, do not access if you are under the local drinking age)
The history of Mexican wines and how they are related to Mexico's history, presidents and more.
Part 1: The grape in Mexican lands; Parras' liquid abundance.
Part 2: First Hacienda Owners; Marquises de Aguayo; Madero Dynasty.
Part 3: Hacienda San Lorenzo and the Casa Madero; Así es mi tierra.

Mezcal (Mescal), part of the Mexican liquor trilogy
(Warning, do not access if you are under the local drinking age)
Read more about this world famous drink, made famous by its maguey worm.

(Warning, do not access if you are under the local drinking age)
This illegally produced distilled beverage is now coming out to the limelight in now legal production.

No other food represents Mexico more completely than a few tacos eaten by a taco stand in the streets of Puerto Vallarta...

Tequila, a gift from the Gods
(Warning, do not access if you are under the local drinking age)
The most famous of all Mexican alcoholic beverages, Tequila is synonymous with Mexico and any local party includes it by default.

A local spice, a world-wide favorite a long and interesting history, learn more about this flavor obtained from orchids.

Wise Men, Tamales and Roscas on January 6th
Traditional celebration of the arrival of the Three Wise Men, which in the past replaced Santa Claus and even Christmas celebrations.

Famous and from Mexico

Monarch migration

Juventino Rosas, the waltz that conquered the world
Only one other waltz vies with the "Blue Danube" for the priviledge of being played around the world every day, every hour. It is "Over the waves"...

The Monarch Butterfly Migration to Mexico
Millions of fragile butterflies travel over 3000 miles from USA and Canada down to the forests in the stated of Michoacán en México, read more on this unique natural event.

Our Patron Saint, la Virgen de Guadalupe
All about the Virgin de Guadalupe, millions of devoted followers converge on Mexico City or selected towns, like Puerto Vallarta, to celebrate December 12th.

Pancho Villa
Along with Moctezuma and Benito Juarez, Pancho Villa is probably the best known Mexican personality throughout the world. Legends of Villa's exploits abound not only in Mexico but in the United States...

Silvestre Revueltas
For many of his countrymen, he is the most modern of Mexican musicians; for many foreigners, he is the most Mexican of modern musicians.

Wixarica Folk Art, colors and tradition
The most important indigenous group in Mexico, their art, their traditions and mysticism, very interesting.

Prehispanic Mexico

Prehispanic Mexico

The Papantla Bird-men
A glimpse of Mexico's past in a ceremonial dance that lasts to this day.

Quetzalcoatl, the path to liberation
His historical name was Ce Acatl Topiltzin. Tradition called him Quetzalcoatl, like the great Mesoamerican god. Was he an historic personage, a man-god, or a god turned into a man?...

The Sacred Aztec Ball Game
Prehispanic ball game or ulama, Aztec word derived from ollin, which means movement, struggle and union of opposites...

The Sun God and the Prehispanic Mexicans
For many centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards, the indigenous people who lived in Mexican territory had shown a profound devotion and respect for the sun...

Temascal, the indigenous vapor bath
Learn more about the traditions and history behind the Mexican Temascal, a prehispanic sauna...




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