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Puerto Vallarta Colonias

Panoramic view of Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and any city in Mexico is divided in many "Colonias" or neighborhoods, if you will. Here's a map that shows most, if not all, the colonias in the city:

Puerto Vallarta Colonias

Puerto Vallarta Colonias (neighborhoods) Click to enlarge

Some of the most important colonias are:

  • Residencial Conchas Chinas: Hillside SE from Los Muertos beach.
  • Colonia Alta Vista
  • Colonia Emiliano Zapata: South of the Cuale River (Zona Romántica or "Old Town")
  • Colonia Caloso and Canoas: East of Colonia Emiliano Zapata and up the Cuale River.
  • Colonia Centro: The oldest section of Puerto Vallarta and its current center of town too - North of the Cuale river up until Parque Hidalgo.
  • Colonia 5 de Diciembre: Just north of downtown Vallarta (Centro), and with Colonia Emiliano Zapata was of the first neighborhoods beyond Colonia Centro to be developed.
  • Colonia Lázaro Cardenas: Includes a large sports complex and the city's largest fish market, from Parque Hidalgo to the Libramiento (City Bypass).
  • Colonia Versalles: The Old Zona Rosa, prior to the development of the Northern Hotel Zone.
  • Colonia Bugambillas and Ramblases: Located on the NW slopes of the hills, East of the city.
  • Colonia Pitillal: Once a small town and now a populous neighborhood, a separate "delegación" but now part of the city of Puerto Vallarta proper.

Colonia is normally abbreviated "Col."

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