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Hospitals in Pto. Vallarta, San Javier

Puerto Vallarta Hospitals & Tips

Despite tourists always being concerned they will receive inferior health care and medical services when abroad, Puerto Vallarta is a destination that not only offers world-class hospitals, but also offers great prices and a service level you may not even find in your hometown, no matter where you come from.

Puerto Vallarta Hospital Map:

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You must consider that PV is a place many foreigners choose as their permanent home, so new and modern hospitals are very much aware of the requirements and needs of these foreign patients. Some hospitals in Vallarta are joint ventures between local Mexican Doctors and US or Canadian doctors. Puerto Vallarta hospitals not only offer the latest in medical technology, most have English speaking doctors and staff and may accept US health insurance. Our city is also a very popular medical tourism destination. Read more in our Health Section.


Amerimed Hospital Puerto Vallarta

Amerimed Hospital Puerto Vallarta

Amerimed is a hospital network that you can find in the main tourist destinations around Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Cancun,  it is also the first organization specializing in medical tourism to the country based on USA quality and service standards. All Doctors are US-Board certified.

AMERIMED Puerto Vallarta was founded in 1996 and the hospital was newly renovated in 2011.

Hospital and Medical Services:

  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Intermediate Care Unit

Staffed 24/7 with ER specialists, physicians and nurses, backed by the latest technology in trauma, shock, minor accident, endoscopy, labor, dialysis services and more. They offer two examination rooms, four operating rooms and four emergency rooms, all fully equipped to handle everything from minor to highly specialized surgeries.
Outpatient Consultation Services, Coronary Care & Intensive Care Units, Pediatrics and Neonatology Units, 4D Ultrasound Imaging Services, Hemodynamics Lab, Labor & Delivery Room, Diagnosis & Check Up Center, Imaging and Laboratory Services.

Address: Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 3970, Col. Villa las Flores, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone: (322) 226-2080
Website: http://www.amerimed.com.mx

Hospital San Javier Marina

Hospital San Javier Marina Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier Marina Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier Marina is a Level III hospital that offers high level services and facilities, with services at the same level as a level one trauma center.

It was the first level III hospital in a Mexican tourist destination. Inaugurated on November 23, 2000. The hospital is always establishing agreements with the main health insurance companies within Mexico and abroad.

Address: Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2760, North Hotel Zone, C.P. 48333, Puerto Vallarta
Phone: (322) 226-1010
Website: http://www.sanjavier.com.mx

Hospital Premiere Vallarta Villas

Hospital Premiere by CMQ, Puerto Vallarta

Hospital Premiere by CMQ, Puerto Vallarta

The CMQ Hospital was founded in 1982. The work on this new Premiere by CMQ Hospital was initiated in 2008, in a new location by Fluvial Vallarta, in the northern part of Downtown Puerto Vallarta, it offers the best and most modern facilities in the area. Visit their website for information on their specialties and insurance coverage.

Address: Av. Francisco Villa No. 1749, Col. Vallarta Villas, C.P. 48300, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone: (322) 226-6500

Hospital Cornerstone

Hospital Cornerstone, Puerto Vallarta

Hospital Cornerstone, Puerto Vallarta

This Puerto Vallarta hospital offers a level IV Trauma Center, including MRI and CATscan units, including an International service department. Cornerstone has specialists in all the health related areas, including clinical and hospital services. The staff is bilingual and highly qualified. They accept most USA and Canadian insurances.

Address:  Av. de los Tules # 136, Col. Diaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta (beside Plaza Caracol)
Phone: (322) 226-3700

Puerto Vallarta Hospital Directory

To dial from the US or elsewhere, add + 52 (Mexico's country code) in front of the 322 (city code), within Puerto Vallarta dial the last 7 digits.

Advance Medical Center 
Aldanaca 170, Col. Versalles, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322)224-4761 / (322) 224-9761

Amerimed Puerto Vallarta
Address: Blvd. Fco.Medina Ascencio s/n Plaza Neptuno Local 1D Marina Vallarta, 48334, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 226-2080

Address: Ecuador 1494 Col. Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 222-7161 & 225-1183

Centro Medico Quirurgico De Vallarta, S.C. (Hospital CMQ)
Address: Basilio Badillo 365, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (322) 223-1919

Clínica Medival
Address: Calle Francia 186, Colonia Versalles, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 225-4225 / 225-8568 / 224-4101

Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegación de Puerto Vallarta
Address: Río Balsas esquina Río de la Plata, Colonia López Mateos, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 222-1533 & 222-4973

Diagnóstico Integral Vallarta
Address: Francisco Villa 1456, Colonia Los Sauces, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (322) 224-8049

Hospital Cornerstone
Address:  Av. de los Tules # 136, Col. Diaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta beside Plaza Caracol
Phone number: (322) 226-3700

Hospital Medasist
Address: Manuel M. Diéguez 360, Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 223-0656 / 223-0618

Hospital CMQ Premiere Vallarta Villas
Av. Francisco Villa No. 1749 Col. Vallarta Villas C.P. 48300, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 226-6500

Hospital Regional de Puerto Vallarta
Address: Noruega 580, Villas del Real, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 299-5601

Hospital San Javier Marina
Address: Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2760, Zona Hotelera Norte, C.P. 48333, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 226-1010

Hospital Versalles
Address: Lucerna 145, Colonia Versalles, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 224-4748

Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social
Address: Aeropuerto kilómetro 2, Colonia Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (322) 224-2975 / 224-0957

Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social
Address: Mar de Cortés s/n, Colonia Palmar de Aramara, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (322) 224-9700 / 224-9777

Medica Láser
Address: Basilio Badillo 365, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta
Phone number: (322) 223-5438 / 223-1919

Hospital & Health tips while in Puerto Vallarta

  1. If your personal insurance does not cover health problems outside USA or Canada, consider purchasing travel & health insurance.
  2. Medicare does not cover medical hospitals and medical care in Vallarta or anywhere else in Mexico.
  3. Carry your insurance information and/or card in your wallet at all times.
  4. You'll be required to pay a deposit upon admission at a Puerto Vallarta Hospital, it can be paid in cash or with a credit card.
  5. Inform the staff of any allergies you may have and tell them of any medication or prescription drugs you are taking at the time.
  6. The hospital admission should contact the local consulate and inform them you are in a hospital.

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