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Canopy Tours in Vallarta

Canopy Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Canopy tours in Puerto Vallarta are a truly thrilling ecological experience that offers you the unique opportunity to glide through the treetops on a network of cables suspended high above the jungle trails in the local tropical forest.

This is a list of the main canopy (zipline) tours in the area:

  1. Canopy River
  2. Canopy Los Veranos
  3. Extreme Zip Line Adventure (Vallarta Adventures)
  4. Canopy La Vista
  5. Mundo Nogalito Canopy
  6. Las Animas Adventure Park
  7. Rancho Mi Chaparrita

A canopy tour (zipline tour) is a pre-established route through a forested or other beautiful landscape, often with mountains and valleys making use mainly of zip-lines and suspended bridges between platforms that are built up on trees. Visitors are harnessed to steel cables all the time while on these tours, insuring their safety.

Canopy tours have existed a long time, but just recently have they become a tourist attraction and a popular tour in Mexico, Costa Rica and many other places around the world.

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