Yes, definitely. You will feel much safer in most parts of Puerto Vallarta than in most cities in the United States or Canada. You’re far more likely to get in trouble in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami or other big USA cities and even there the likelihood isn’t very high. There is very little crime here, and what does exist is usually petty compared to the U.S.

People who get in trouble in Mexico are those looking for illegal substances or deals. Unless you are looking for trouble, tourist cities in Mexico are some of the safest and best places to go.

The tourist police here are friendly and very helpful.

Use your common sense, and be careful. Leave your fancy jewelry at home, etc. After dark, stay on the main streets, do not wander on the beaches unless you are in well-lit areas or close or together with other tourists.

Never flash large amounts of money, etc, the common sense stuff 🙂

There are some things that can be unsafe in Puerto Vallarta, these are:

  1. Crossing the street where it isn’t safe

Though we don’t recommend it, you can jaywalk and cross with a red light as long as there are no vehicles that can harm you. In general, you need to be extra careful when walking across streets in Mexico, you’ll also notice cars turning right into sidestreets when you’d think it was your turn, sometimes they stop, but there are those that can be a bit distracted or drive recklessly, so do take care.

  1. You can trip a lot on the irregular sidewalks

Sidewalks may be a bit dangerous at times, especially outside the normal tourist area, there are lots of trees and their roots make sidewalks a challenge at times. Holes do appear along the way and sometimes there’ll be things protruding from the ground without warning. Best tip, look out where you are walking and wear good shoes if out for a walking tour of the older parts of town.

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