Common Misspellings of Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta from the hill

If Spanish is not your native language, or you haven't had the pleasure to visit Puerto Vallarta, you might be making the same mistake as others.

Puerto means harbor (harbour in English) and Vallarta is the surname of Ignacio Luis Vallarta, Mexican lawyer and governor of the state of Jalisco from 1872 to 1876. Read more.

Here is a list of the most common misspellings of Puerto Vallarta:

  • puerto valarta
  • porta vallarta
  • puerto varta
  • puerta vallarta
  • puerto vallarto
  • puerto vallarte
  • puerta varta
  • puerto vallerta
  • puerto villarta
  • peurto vallarta
  • puerto vallarata
  • puerto viarta
  • puerta villarta
  • puert vallarta
  • puerta vallerta
  • puerta viarta
  • puerto ballarta
  • puertavallarta
  • purto vallarta
  • peurta vallarta
  • puerta vallarte
  • puerto vaillarta
  • puerta valarta
  • puerto vallata
  • pueto vallarta
  • porte vallarta
  • porta varta
  • porto vallarta
  • port vallarta

What's your own version or your favorite one? :-)

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