The term “Golden Years” seems to have all kinds of connotations; to some, it may mean the beginning of the end, to others more fortunate it means the years of freedom with gold!

Retire in Puerto Vallarta

Yes, for many of the latest generation of baby boomers about to retire or recently retired, the “Golden Years” has become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, i.e., the free time and the financial ability to enjoy their favorite activities and perhaps even serve a purpose to their community.

Retirement often coincides with important life changes; over time, a retiree will virtually eliminate the frequent social contacts with previous work-related associates, will have a completely different spending pattern, will have the time for new or inactive hobbies, sports, or other activities, might sell a long-term residence, and yes, may even move to a new location.

Most assume that people who retire to Puerto Vallarta due to the low cost of living in Mexico. But the reasons why many have come to Vallarta for years have very little to do with the cost of living. One of the reasons has to do with the latitude of Vallarta which is the same as Hawaii, resulting in a climate absolutely perfect for golfing, fishing, tennis, hiking, swimming, or whatever your hobby is.

The population of PV just surpassed 350,000. Of the 350,000 inhabitants, there are close to 50,000 North Americans during the seven months “high season”. They have retired here in order to enjoy the many world-class restaurants, seven magnificent golf courses, world class deep sea fishing, modern supermarkets and shopping malls, and nightlife galore. Most of these North American residents of Vallarta have satellite TV, high-speed internet service, air conditioning, and all the other modern conveniences which one would expect.

Clean water, clean food, modern hospitals with the latest in sophisticated equipment for first class medical care, and a high regard for safety will be found here in PV. Knowing this, there are very few reasons not to live in Pto. Vallarta.

Come join us.