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Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 4:42 am
by Travelers
One other thing about my trip... I have read that before you take a cab you should negotiate the fare. Can anyone provide me some hints for how much is appropriate?

1. Airport to Nuevo Vallerta
2. Nuevo Vallerta to Downtown or Old Vallerta


Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 5:28 am
by pvdeb
Buy your taxi tickets at the Taxi window in front of you as you exit Customs. Fares are figured by zone; the more zones you cross, the more the fare. Fares will be higher leaving the airport as these are federally plated taxis. After you've paid, you just hand your ticket to one of the drivers outside (you'll be directed). Some people choose to haul their luggage across the elevated pedestrian bridge down to your left and try to get better rates from the taxis waiting on the other side of the street. But I've heard more stories of being taken advantage of by those drivers.

Nuevo into town will run 100-170 pesos depending on how far you're going; to the malecon area, probably about 150, to the marina about 120. The same going outbound, though if it's late at night and not much traffic on the street, you can usually negotate lower. And *ALWAYS* agree on the price before you set foot in the taxi.


Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 6:42 pm
by susana
My experience is only within downtown itself. There seemed to be standards fares within zones, (usually 25-30 peso short rides, within the beach area, southside) so although it is correct advice to ask the price before you ride, it's not like you'll be stuck on the street, aggressively bartering the cost.

Also be sure to have appropriate peso to pay, don't expect to get change from a taxi driver. I've never had a bad experince in many many trips to PV, but it is good to know the ropes a bit beforehand.

p.s. I agree with everything as nicely spelled out above by pvdeb.

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