Royal Decameron in December

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Royal Decameron in December

Post by michael » Sat Oct 09, 2004 10:26 pm

We will be staying at the Royal Decameron from Dec 3rd thru 10th. Any tips on which building to stay in? which of the Resturants is the Best? Should we spend our time in Bucerias or ventrue in to PV?? I have read that I can buy same items in Bucerias cheaper than PV.
Thanks, Michael

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Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by ellen » Sun Oct 10, 2004 2:09 pm

Hi Michael:
My husband and I took the bus from PV to the Royal Decameron last year to meet up with some relatives. We strolled around the complex and it looked very nice and they were quite happy with it. I don't have any information about the restaurants there and I'm definitely prejudiced in favour of P.V. as opposed to Bucerias. But one thing I can highly, highly recommend is that on Sunday at about 1:00 you make your way into Bucerias to the El Pescador to hear Bubba and the Bottom Feeders. You will have an amazingly good time. You can check them out by going on Google and typing in their name. Also, by next year they could have changed to another location but I don't think so.
You are probably correct when you say that things are much cheaper in Bucerias, but that's not really the point. The ambiance of P.V. and all it has to offer is extremely different from Bucerias, which is smaller and very nice in it's own way.


Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by kevbr » Thu Oct 21, 2004 4:11 pm

You picked a Great Hotel, we were there two years ago, food was great, staff were good. We found this a great location as it wasn't in the Hotel Zone of P.V., we like to walk, great beach walk! You can see some pictures of the walk from my web site at , I also have a lonk to view the hotel layout at . Have fun, you will enjoy !!!

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Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by el_camino88 » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:30 pm

i saw bubba and the bottom feeders and tho i don't much enjoy that type of music i loved em. the decameron is nice, but i didn't think it was fantastic, the food was ok, but not great! bucerias is the place to go for shopping, everything is exactly the same, and way cheaper, but still u have to go into pv! anyways i hope u have fun!


Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by JON » Thu Oct 21, 2004 6:24 pm

Hi Michael,

Your question have good point and valid question.

I would like you to read these "Travel Reports" about this hotel and ANY building location in that complex: ... Coast.html


http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreview ... evind.html

czeck the www. for pictures and read comments:
go to "community'
then click in search for images of "Puerto Vallarta Royal Decameron"

and voila :))))

Good luck,


Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by JON » Thu Oct 21, 2004 6:56 pm



view this site now:

then click on the PICUTRE - Royal Decameron nad read all comments!

ENJOY and have a happy reading, great info!



Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by Leslie » Thu Nov 04, 2004 5:15 pm

You will love the Royal Decamron! I was just there in September and have already planned my trip back for next May! If you can stay
in building 3. It is in the center of everything. The food there is wonderful and the staff is very friendly! All the resturants there are great! For dinner we enjoyed the Italian place the most but it was one of the most popular and harder to get reservations for. Make sure to join in the hotel activites! Johnny, Lucio & Fabian are great and make the activites a lot of fun! The theatre is a fun thing to go to also. They have a different show every night. I only got to see it once but it was hilarious! And if you like a club atmosphere the disco is great! If you get a chance you should go on the Tropical City Tour. It gives you a great sense of Puerto Vallarta. Have fun and let us all know how you like your stay there!

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Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by beach bum » Tue Nov 30, 2004 5:09 pm

You don't want the stay in Building 5. Everything closes down at 10 PM - it's too quiet. If you email the hotel a couple of days before you go at Guest Service [[email protected]] they will try and get you the room you want. Make sure you take a thermal mug for your drinks as the hotel supplies small (maybe 4 oz.) disposable cups. Make sure you go into Bucerias for all your shopping as it's much cheaper than the market in PV. Take the bus into PV at least once. It's well worth the experience.


Re:Royal Decameron in December

Post by mickey873 » Tue Aug 23, 2005 7:31 pm

Michael -

We stayed at the Royal in Jan 2005. It was our 1st trip. We just booked to go back Jan 2006.

We are very much happy go lucky people with the attitude that we will have fun wherever we are at and that we are not staying (nor paying) for the Ritz, so we don't expect it! This has helped us have some of the best vacations ever!!

We stayed in Building 5 last year. It is the newest building and as such, is the farthest from the beach. The rooms were very large and always clean. At first, we were a little bummed that we were so far away, but by the 2nd or 3rd day, we always found ourselves by the "old folks home" (as we lovingly referred to B5 and the pool!) for the afternoon. It was the quietest place to relax, take a snooz by the pool, be in the pool and not the direct sun. My dh often snuck up to the room for an afternoon siesta. We will again be requesting B5 on our return. Yes, the bar and food are closed at like 10:00pm, but really, the short walk in the moonlight back to your building was just part of the fun after drinking at the other lounges and grabbing a burger at 1:00am. :)

Our friends stayed in B1. They liked it quite well. It is the oldest building, they had much stronger mildewy smell (nothing that a can of oust and a candle didn't fix.) than B5, had an ocean view, left the sliding door open at night to hear the waves. They are hoping to get back into the building as well.

Our other friends were in B4. They thought that was more centrally located and they liked being on the ground level and close to the beach if they forgot something, had to go to the bathroom, etc.

So - all in all it really depends on what you want :)

The beach was great. I don't like the ocean - so I can't much comment on that - but lots of people were enjoying it! Vendors were around if you want to shop from your beach chair. A simple No Gracias and they walked away. We bought mosr of our stuff from the beach vendors towards the end of the day and got the best prices. We went into Bucerias for a meal and some shopping. Real mexico culture too. Prices for stuff was pretty much the same as the beach vendors (after bargaining), but much better selection. So, definately check it out.

We took the bus into PV one day. A much do! It is $1 each way and trully a worthwhile excursion! Did some shopping there as well. They are not as eager to bargain, especially on cruise ship days. Stroll the maelcon at night and people watch. Fantastic!! Check out the cathedral too. Ate a meal at a great restaurant on a side street - would have to check my notes at home for the name. But, wonderful food is abound at every turn.

Definately bring a thermal mug for the resort. And a few $1 bills go a long way! I know it is all inclusive, but always tip a few dollars for good service, wether in Mexico or at home. They bartenders make like $4 for a 12 hour shift. And a couple dollars a day and to speak to them by name (they wear badges) will guarantee they speak to you with your first name, they know what you drink
and refill it first, clean our your mug, tell you wonderful stories about thier lives, thier village, etc. We are creatures of habit and always at breakfast at the same restaurant each morning and would always try to sit in the same section. Christian was our server and a couple $1's, asking what his name was and introducing ourselves - he would bring our juice/milk/coffee choices to us before we had sat down.

As far as restauruants, we would eat at the one in the middle by B3/B4 for all breakfasts - sat in the little side section every morning. Breakfast is a huge event with fresh yogurt (a must try! it is awesome!) tons of fruit, many hot breakfast dishes and sausage (pretty much what we call hot dogs). The also had pasteries, fresh made pancakes or french toast and crispy bacon (by the egg station.) And eggs/omlettes to order.

We usually didn't eat dinner, as we usually didn't have breakfast till 10:00 or so. So, I can't be of much help there. But, I know that during dinner, the little side section we ate breakfast in, served ice cream, burgers, fries and chips/cheese/salsa.

The snack bar is over by the #1 building/lobby and served the above fare from like 11:00 till 5:00. So we would grab a snack about 4:00 or so.

To make a reservation for supper at the specialty places, Steakhouse, Japan, Mexican or Italian, you have to get in line like at 7:00am or something. As we were still sound asleep at that time, we didn't ;) We did eat at the Steakhouse one night and it was pretty good. Not American Beef like we are used to, but fine. My dh had bbq chicken and was pretty good too. Our friends ate at the Jap (and couldn't eat it, so went to the buffet - which is the nice thing about an AI) the Italian was ok they said. They didn't make it to the Mexican.

I guess, I never went hungry once. We walked thru the buffets (2) each night and decided which one to eat at based on what was served. The pasta station is at the one by B3/B4 - it was fantastic! Again, the snack bar opens at like 11:00pm till 2:00 with burgers and etc. for late night snacking.

I hope I have helped you some. Your trip ultimately comes down to what you make of it. I wish you the best time! If you have any additional questions - please don't hesitate to ask!!