narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

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narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by miller » Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:04 am

I've narrowed it down. I'm not a fancy person so don't need luxury but I like activities, downtown stuff. It appears the Gataway has alot of activities but the Krystal appears nicer. I have heard mixed reviews of both. Any advice or experience I would appreciate. First time in PV .


Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by Brandonfolks » Thu Jan 06, 2005 1:02 pm

Well if you mean the Getaway,then its ok if you like to watch porn on the TV and sleep on concrete beds. Other than that never heard or know of the other 1.

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Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by tuna » Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:51 pm

My wife and I took a stroll through the Krystal, looks like a decent complex style resort. Beach was quite a bit larger than where we stayed(Canto Del Sol). My wife and I figured we might give the krystal a try next time we go. You are close to the Maritime Terminal and probably a quick 15 minute busride to the malecon.


Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by RED » Thu Jan 06, 2005 4:47 pm

My wife and I have stayed at the Krystal seven times in the last three years. We have always enjoyed it, even just a few months after Kenna hit. I would recommend that you reserve a Junior Suite because the additional size, with a separate TV area and sofa area is very nice. THe standard rooms are nice, too, however. We will be going back again in Aoril and will stay at the Krystal.

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Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by webmaster » Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:35 pm

I've stayed at both Krystal and Getaway, though I admit the stay at the Getaway was more or less two-three years ago.

I personally like the Krystal better, higher class hotel compared to the Getaway, but if activities at the hotel are the most important part, the balance may shift over to the Getaway.

With regard to porn on the TV... I remember there were there, yes, but you can easily skip them and furthermore when visiting Vallarta, the last thing on my mind is to sit around wasting time watching TV! With regards to the bed being of concrete, that is of course an exaggeration, I don't particularly remember suffering on them, but then again, I like sturdy beds over soft ones (they are better for your backs, you know :-)).

Krystal is quite a bit away from town, you'll need to take a bus each time. Getaway is much closer to town, so if you are a walking person you'll be able to walk to stores, restaurants and even downtown Vallarta, though it is a relatively long walk. And regarding activities, that for sure is something Getaway has, noisy music by the pool, aquaerobics, volleyball, contests, etc. I never participate in such things, so for me that is irrelevant , but not so in your case, seems.

Krystal has higher quality rooms, the gardens are beautiful and the restaurants serve much better food. As I normally go to Vallarta by car, the distance into town is not an issue.

Good luck on your decision.

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Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by krispy fried » Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:41 pm

I have also stayed at both hotels, and the Krystal is far nicer, has huge grounds and really has more quality. The Getaway, which I have bee to twice this year is not as nice but we had so much fun there, the beds are hard, the food is average most of the time, the staff was great, and it is adults only which is why we stayed there. So it all depends on what exactly you are looking for. I also stayed at the golden crown in november and found it very boring, as I like alot of activities to fill my day. We are headed back in 4 sleeps and this time we rented a condo so we can do everything on our own and have all of our friends over, all inclusive does not allow non guests to enter the hotel. Anyway, hope this helps a little.


Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by bzy1inpv » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:28 am

The new tower (more like 5 floors) at the Krystal is VERY nice and they have a Jacuzzi. I prefer the Krystal by far, much nicer, much prettier, and still an easy bus ride or taxi into downtown.
The advantage of the Sun Getaway is it is about 5 kilometers closer, but in the last year the reports I have heard is that it has slipped a bit with food and service and updates.
If it was my choice, Krystal, hands down, plus the newly renovated Christine's Disco is right there.

Downside of the Krystal, many of the cruisers come here to use the pool and facilities, so you get many interlopers:)

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Re:narrowed down to Krystal or Gateaway, which one??

Post by tojol57 » Sat Jan 08, 2005 4:12 pm

the Krystal is just down from the GCP ... we have found a lot of people that stay there really like it... and the new additions since Kenna are wonderful... we got a quickie tour from the General manager who is a brother in law to a good friend of ours down in PV... granted we have never stayed there, but the new addition right on the beach are great....

good luck... if in doubt... flip the quarter best out of 5 times and go... LOL