Report GCP - March 5 - March 12

Report on your Puerto Vallarta trip, hotel, restaurant, tour, etc.

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Report GCP - March 5 - March 12

Post by Ozark American » Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:56 pm

We just returned from GCP. I’m not going to do a day-by-day review because you’d fall asleep by the time you read through the second day.

We landed March 5th at 11:22 a.m. and were at the hotel by 11:55 - great timing!! Our room wasn’t ready so we changed into swim gear, got our towels and hit the beach after having a numero ocho at the Breeze. Hooked up with Paco for 3 days of treatment starting the next day (Thursday). We went to the Bella Vista for dinner. We were looking at the menus and Benny and Javiar came up to us and said we didn’t need menus – they’d surprise us and boy did they – salad, a beef and shrimp dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Next day landed in our favorite beach canopy – back corner next to the Breeze and every day after that. Pretty much the same routine for the rest of week – hit the beach by 8 a.m., get sunbusted at 10 a.m., walk the beach after that, hit the Jacuzzi next door around 2 p.m., take a swim around 6 p.m., get cleaned up for dinner, etc.

We ate at the Bella Vista every night except for Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. On Friday we attended the repeaters dinner. It was wonderful – salad, seafood soup, salmon with rice and dessert. We sat with the nicest group of people from Oklahoma, North Dakota and Minnesota. The couple from Oklahoma renewed their wedding vows the following night at the Catholic Church. It was their 40th anniversary. On Saturday night we were again “surprised” by the guys at the Bella Vista with shrimp, beef kabob (meat melted in your mouth it was so tender) and mahi mahi along with a wonderful salad and sherbet for dessert. We ate at the French restaurant on Sunday and were somewhat disappointed but left full. We had room service Tuesday night. We had guacamole, Shrimp Pasta and Beef Fajitas – all delicious.

Sat at the Bella Vista Saturday, Sunday and Mondays nights to listen to Alberto. He is a great guitar player.

A group of Spring Breakers arrived Sunday night. They took over the pool on Monday – got very drunk – almost throwing up in the pool, falling on the ping pong table, cussing, etc. Monday night some of the girls took their drinks (glasses) from the Pub into the bathroom and shattered them all over the floor, then left without telling anyone on staff. Fortunately I was in there when it happened and found someone to clean up the mess before someone cut themselves. Someone from the group brought their own music and blasted it from their balcony every night, which was very inconsiderate to the other guests

Our last day (Tuesday) was the nicest day of all weather-wise. There were a couple of days we were shivering on the beach in the morning. Even the guys at the Breeze were wearing sweatshirts. It was strange being in Puerto Vallarta and seeing people wearing sweatshirts and jeans rather than shorts in the evenings.

The Attessa was still anchored out in the bay and we got to see the helicopter take off and land. It was amazing to watch since it doesn’t look like the pilot has much room for error. It was also funny to listen to the staff tell people that the yacht belonged to Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan, etc.

We met some really great people – Gary, Sandy, Mark and Debbie from Springfield, MO, Charlie and Laura from St Louis, MO, Zivy and Rhoda from Winnipeg and many others.

Of course we had to buy yet another blanket from Benjamin (beach vendor). This was the 10th and had better be the last! We’re trying to figure out how to say, “no purchase this vacation” – no comprar esta vacaciones – perhaps.

On March 12th we were up at 6:30 to head home. Left the hotel at 8:30 for an 11:15 flight. The new terminal is really nice. We couldn’t believe they’d completely redone the bar and restaurant in the secure area since last May, when the terminal was still under construction. We arrived back in Kansas City at 3:30, picked up our vehicle at 4:00 and arrived home at 8:00 p.m. We definitely knew we were home this morning when we woke up with sore backs. We have a Tempur-Pedic and we’d trade it in for a GCP mattress any day of the week!

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Great time

Post by tojol57 » Thu Mar 13, 2008 10:06 pm

That was a great trip... Yes we got hooked by Benjamin too... i got two this time... weight weight forgot to think about that... Luckily we left enough clothes behind to offset the weight...

Thanks for sharing.. wishing i was back there right now...

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PV Report

Post by smitty » Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:50 am

Very nice report . I understand about the Mexican blankets - seems like every year there is a new colour or pattern to buy ! :)

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