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Carlo Digiovanni aka ken varner

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:16 pm
by Greeneyed 76
This man is a thief,conman,liar,women abusing rip off who has stolen money from me over 50,000 in cash,30,000 in jewelry, he has stolen 3 cars,stolen appliances, this man isn't even Italian or from new york,with his fake new York accent,he is a fraud of the worst kind, blames everyone but himself and is committing crimes in Washington and california,,he's now in california probably working on his next female victim as he is a jeckyl and Hyde monster ,dillusional in his life ,the man doesn't work and hasn't worked in the 4 years I dated him and the 3 years we lived together and he ruined me financially and now im suing him and sending him to prison for the misery and fraud he has caused me and my family! Stay far away from this man and do not loan him any cash or anything,don't pay a single bill for this mooch,don't let him have access to any cars,nothing, he will steal from who ever he can and who ever he thinks he can scam and he doesn't give one minute to the thought of the damage he does or care at all what situation being burned for 80,000 can do to a widow,,he even gave his own child graduation gifts of my own diamond jewelry i had for sale with the promises of paying for items,valued at over 5,000 for the 2 items and never paid A SINGLE dime,or returned the items,,even used my money to pay for the graduation party,down payment on his x car, used my finances to support his entire life and then left to california,leaving me broke,and homeless while he travels to Mexico back to Washington, ECT, this guy is the biggest piece of fraudulent s*** and soon i hope to have charges filed against this man in thurston county we we lived,,stay far away from this violent,lying conman,,as I wouldn't wish this misery on anyone!