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poem carved into the Malecon

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 11:44 pm
by chico98
poem carved into the Malecon

from the readers of tribune
I’ve asked several people and no one seems to know: what is the poem carved into the Malecon?
A lover of PV

Dear PV lover,
We sent our reporter, Lupita Guerrero, out to jot down all the phrases, starting at the northern end and going south.
They make no sense to us, but here they are, spelling and grammar mistakes included, translated to the best of our abilities:
En un solo lienzo - In a single canvas
Ofrece a los pies del mundo - Offers at the feet of the world
Que ban (sp) a mi cuerpo - That go to my body
Mientras al fuego de esta luz - While at the fire of this light
Querían los chapuceros de la felicidad - Those who botch happiness wanted
La brujula del destino - The compass of destiny
Cruzando - Crossing
Quien me hace ir siempre - Who always makes me go
Es la brisa o eres tu pajaro enardecido - Is the breeze or is it you, passionate bird
No me hace falta - I do not lack
No se de donde vengo - I do not know from where I come
Tu amparo - Your shelter / protection
Solo para evocar - Only to evoke
Mis pasos encuentran - My steps find
En este crepitar azul - In this blue to crackle
We have no idea who the «poet» is, nor what message he or she intended to convey. Perhaps one of our readers does…
The Ed.

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 4:31 pm
by Plus4
I do not know what the poet wanted the poem he or she carved into the malecon to mean..but :)
I had a bit of fun with the words...

Who ? always make me go
I do not know where I come from

Those who botched happiness
Want your shelter/ protection

While at the fire of this light
In the blue and crackle
Is it the breeze or is it you passionate bird
That goes to my body.

Only to evoke
In a single canvas
Offers at the feet of the world

My steps find
The compass of destiny

I do not lack.

Re: poem carved into the Malecon

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:44 pm
by Thzgoodlife
Juventino Rosas, young Mexican composer who wrote a famous waltz, Above the Waves. Often
attributed to Johann Strauss in 1800s and as well known as The Blue Danube. Played by fiddler's, used in commercials, you'll know it when you hear it!
He didn't write words to it however others have over the years. The PV malecon seems to have most of the best known words which may've been written by the author, Jose Martin Orozco Almadez, on a plaque now added to the walkway:

Music can be found here:



Como un latente relámpago en este crepitar azul

mis pasos se encuentran solo para evocar tu amparo

no se de donde vengo no me hace falta

es la brisa o es tu pájaro enardecido

quien me hace ir siempre cruzando lejos

la brújula del destino querían los chapuceros de la felicidad

mientras el fuego de esta luz que baña mi cuerpo

ofrece a los pies del mundo en un solo lienzo

Vallarta eleva sus olas blancas

el ero adormecido ciudad entrampada

entre el fin y el principio

aurora u crepúsculo

orilla del oriente o pacifico

Re: poem carved into the Malecon

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:16 pm
by Thzgoodlife
Complete poem in English:

Like a latent lightning in this blue crackle
my steps find
the limit
just to evoke your protection.
I do not know where I come from
I do not need it
a past
it's the breeze or you're your enraged bird
who always makes me go
the compass of destiny.
Laughing the bunglers of happiness
while the fire of this light that bathes my body
offers at the foot of the world
in a single canvas
Vallarta raises its white wings
sleepy sailboat
trapped city
between the end
and the beginning
or twilight
East or Pacific shore
well, as a stretched hand
to the origin of the house
from space
of the vacuum
where only silence is singing
and the output
the door

Re: poem carved into the Malecon

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:35 am
by webmaster
Good info, didn't know that. we have had an article on Juventino Rosas on our site for a long time now:

https://www.puertovallarta.net/fast_fac ... tino-rosas