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Post by chico98 » Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:50 pm


Dear Editor,
Hi, my name is Dean Regehr. I own the
new ATMs, which you may have seen in
They have Direct Cash/Interacionnes logos
on them. I have heard a few rumors through
the grapevine and want to set them straight.
These Direct Cash/Bank Interacionnes
ATMs in the P.V. area have the highest
security of any ATM’s in Mexico! - including
all of the major banks; Visa 2009, Triple Des,
and EPP upgraded security features are what
we adhere to on 100% of our ATMs, and this
is the highest security level available in the
US and Canada. These security features are
not adhered to yet by any banks in Mexico.
In regards to the problems with card
skimming, I would like to point out that a
very low percentage of skimming comes
from ATMs!
Over 98% of skimming is done on POS
(point of sale) terminals in various businesses.
You are much safer using an ATM to get
cash, and paying cash for your purchases in
stores. (ATMs are checked on an almost daily
basis by all banks and private companies,
so it’s much easier for the criminals to put
fraudulent POS terminals in the market place
that steal your bank info. We also monitor
all ATMs in real time, via Direct Internet,
and if a card swipe is detected and a pin is
not entered into our validating system, it sets
off an alarm.
I live in P.V. year round, and have an offce
here. We have technicians in Puerto Vallarta
and our customer service is second to none!
We pay a commission to all of our ATM sites
and try to do business with as many small
local businesses as possible.
Also, we donate a portion of each
transaction fee to charity. Our donations
are not just token amounts, but Several
Thousand Pesos per month!! (July’s
donation was $7500.00 pesos to help the
food drive.)
If you have any questions or concerns
regarding our ATMs, my offce number is
Dean Regehr
Rivercity Atms S.A. de C.V.

Dear Mr. Regehr,
Thank you so much for the clarifcation.
Now we all need to know where some of your
ATMs are located.
One of our contributors just had $5,000.
Pesos debited from her foreign bank account
when the ATM at Rizo’s supermarket refused
to issue the bills and any kind of receipt,
simply advising her that it “could not
complete the transaction”…
Now she has to wait another few weeks
before the funds are credited to her
The Ed.