El ARRAYAN mexican restarant

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El ARRAYAN mexican restarant

Post by holyhumor » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:01 am

We have just returned from PV and wanted to post about an incredible experience that we had at El Arrayan Mexican Restaurant. On my first dive with PV Scuba (a well run organization in it’s own right) I was introduced to the other two divers on the boat by Alex, the Dive Master. One was introduced as Carmen from El Arrayan . Oh, I said, that was voted best Mexican Restaurant in PV the last 3 years and I really want to try it out, what do you do there? I own it! Hmmm…fortune is shinning like the PV sun.
We tried making reservation s for Saturday night, but they were already booked up, so we reserved a space for Sunday. We were greeted at the door by Carmen and after chatting a bit ushered into the most charming, romantic, intimate setting. I t has an open kitchen with a busy but relaxed feel and 3 incredible salsas are immediately brought to the table.
Carmen, I have heard a lot about this Raicilla is it possible to taste it here? I am presented with a large shot glass with a beer belly that had to have contained at least 3 shots. For the uninitiated it has a smokey flavor and due to the high alcohol content , seems to almost evaporate off the tongue as it warms its way down your throat and into your bones.
The food is prepared with great attention to detail. I am a vegetarian so the chef agreed to make me a plato vegetariano (this might not be available if the kitchen is really busy) with the various items that didn’t contain meat or would work without the meat. Plantain empanadas, a tiny sopita (a sort of taco), nopales salad, rice, beans and the most flavorful piece of goat cheese you can imagine, all stellar.
My wife had a fish filet in a mild sauce and a Margarita made from a local Guava type fruit and she is still raving about both items.

We also had rich flavorful coffees and I believe a special flan for desert although the Raicilla clouds some of the details towards the end of the meal.
The food comes out of the kitchen mildly spicy but probably pretty comfortable for most gringo palates and if your taste is to the picante the salsas will provide all the fire power needed.
Trio, El Brujo, Barcelona Tapas, Planeto Vegetariano all provided incredible meals and various degrees of adventure in PV, but I will always remember that special meal at El Arrayan.
Thank you Carmen.

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Post by tojol57 » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:40 pm

Fixed your type-o...

thanks for sharing your information....

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e; Arrayan

Post by arriba » Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:32 am

We have always loved going there and went twice on our recent visit. Fabulous as always!

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Post by TNbear » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:25 am

A very good place to dine. We loved our experience at El Arrayan last October, and hope to eat there again this October.