How much should I bring for food?

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How much should I bring for food?

Post by CJ » Mon May 14, 2001 6:25 pm

We are going to be in Puerto Vallarta in September and I was wondering how much money I should bring for meals and drinks. Can anyone give me an idea of the current cost of food and beverages. We are mainly interested in trying the restaurants in town, not at the hotels.
Even the price of snacks would be good since we are traveling with two 15 year olds.


Re:How much should I bring for food?

Post by Jennybean » Tue May 15, 2001 7:55 pm

September is still considered low season, and a lot of places drop their prices a little. If there are 4 of you, with two teenagers, I would err on the side of caution and budget about 600-800 pesos a day for food. Maybe a little more; you can always take money home. These estimates are for mixing cheaper places with the occasional expensive meal.

I always take more money than I think I will need, and bank the rest when I get home for the next trip. Paying for all my meals and drinks myself, plus buying gifts and shopping for myself a little bit, for a one week trip I take around $1,000 Canadian, and I always take money home.....and I never want for a thing while I'm there either.


Re:How much should I bring for food?

Post by Daryl » Mon Jun 11, 2001 4:57 pm

We just came home from PTO yesterday the food wasn't as cheap as we expected.
We had breakfast at the hotel and the buffet was about $100 US We did find a few places you could eat for $5 US breakfast. It all depends on what you want to eat, and how risky your are. Coca cola is the big drink once in a while you can find a Pepsi. If you plan on any shopping go to Chico Paradise for the best prices. Also you can get a tour from Marco Antonio Poco for about $100 US he will take you anywhere all day for 7 hrs or more, and he speaks good english. I have his card I would have to scan it for you if you like? He has a Surburban with AC he has a whole tour he does and it was the best deal our whole trip. I would take this tour early second day if possible.
E-mail me if you have any more Questions..

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Hotel restaurants are normally expensive

Post by webmaster » Mon Jun 11, 2001 5:30 pm

Hi there,

Regarding some comment that food at the hotel was expensive, this is a fact all over the world, hotel food is expensive. You can normally find very good deals any place in the surroundings. Eating at the hotel (unless you are traveling all-inclusive) should be a one-time thing or as a last resort, that's my experience at least.

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Re:How much should I bring for food?

Post by Jennybean » Mon Jun 11, 2001 6:41 pm

100% agreed with Mogens, eating at the hotel restaurants is expensive, and it does not always guarantee either freshness or better just guarantees that you will, in most cases, be overcharged for an average meal.

I have eaten in many of the out of the way places all over PV and surrounding areas, and toured quite a few of the kitchens. Many of them are so clean they would shame a 5 star restaurant in Canada or the US. I have found some wonderful restaurants that serve very inexpensive meals at all times of the day. One of my favorite places does 6 different breakfast plates for $2.95 US. And the food is very good.

I have say if you want to shop cheap, go to Pitillal - it's actually far less expensive than Chico's. Or if you want to stay in PV, try the open air market (Mercado) under the Rio Cuale bridge for some great bargains......just take your bartering shoes.

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