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Favourite dining spots, recent stay - Part 1, Breakfast.

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:29 pm
by johnny2bc
We just returned from a 4-week stay in Vallarta (29 April - 28 May). Of 23 different dining spots tried, here are some notes on the restaurants we liked the most. (* = new to us, tried for the first time; all prices in pesos, as 'p').
I tend to be a bit lengthy, so will post in three parts, as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- Restaurant Lylybell (Francisco Madero 206) -- a past personal favourite of ours. Lydia & Chela's (two senior sisters) small, four table place, adjacent the kitchen in their home. We cannot converse very well, but sign language 'works', and we like them, and their food preparations. Had: omelettes (40p) - our personal favourite breakfast item there, stuffed with cheese, ham, broccoli, and etc., well-prepared and tasty, w/frijoles, and a little lettuce & tomato, and basket of tortillas. Fresh, tasty, fully-made-to-order, and good. It was nice to dine in their home once again!!

- * Sandy's (Hidalgo, near the corner with Iturbide) -- small, 4 table Mexican diner, which provided a very delightful dining experience (daughter and I) on one early-morning walkabout downtown. Two ladies, one waiting the tables, the other doing the cooking (right in front of us, on a small stove/grill in the corner). Had: hotcakes - three, large, flavourful and tasty, w/some fruit, chilaquiles - a large 'pile', but to my surprise, served with a white sauce, and the usual cheese, onion, 'trimmings' (yum!!), with the scrambled eggs on top, and some frijoles alongside (loved them!!). 72p for the works!! A great breakfast!! And the ladies were sure nice too!!

- * Sea Monkey (Los Muertos beach @ Aquiles Serdan) -- had breakfast here twice during the last week of our stay, and if it had opened earlier (it opened on the Wednesday of our last week), we would likely have been there more often!! Had: omelettes - tried various combinations, and they came with a scoop of tasty hash browns, frijoles, and toast, waffles - light and fluffy, two on a plate, topped with a large decorative and tasty piece of fruit (once strawberry, the other time banana), scrambled eggs and bacon - served with the hash browns and frijoles, and toast. And no-bottom-to-the-cup (good) coffee supplied with every breakfast order. Good food, well-prepared and presented. Served up in a lovely location, by friendly, and very accommodating staff. And of course, Troy, the delightful owner/manager - we sure enjoyed meeting him for the first time!!