Favourite dining spots, recent stay - Part 2, Lunch.

Report on your Puerto Vallarta trip, hotel, restaurant, tour, etc.

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Favourite dining spots, recent stay - Part 2, Lunch.

Post by johnny2bc » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:32 pm

It's lunch time!

- Cafe Roma (Encino 287) -- stopping by Fox's friendly, neighbourhood-type restaurant/bar for cool, mango margarita's (50p), and an order of sweet & spicy chicken wings (99p), was a daughter & I thing enjoyed on two morning, downtown walkabouts/shopping ventures. With the near the rail seating shaded from the sun at such times, it was a rather nice oasis for a rest stop from the sun, warmth, and all the walking. And of course, any time is a good time to stop and see Fox and gang!! The mango margarita's were "brain-freezing" cold, and good. The wings tasty.

- * Comedor La Lupita (San Sebastian) -- the lunch stop during our San Sebastian road trip (with friends), and we made a great choice from the restaurant offerings seen during our 'drive-about' the town. A pretty restaurant, spacious interior and small outdoor patio, ample space inside for small and large table arrangements, high ceiling, and very colourful, decorative walls. The restaurant is located just a short distance from the main square and church. There was no menu, just the lunch offerings of the day, and the meal was so good!! Had: started with beers and agua fresca's (selected from two different kinds), w/nacho chips and salsa's, then individual plates and servings of quesadilla's (cheese), frijoles, rojo rice, machaca, and mole chicken, w/baskets of tortillas. Each and every dish well-prepared, tasty, and so delicious!! Total cost 460p, for the works, for the four of us. A much-enjoyed, wonderful meal, served up with friendly and accommodating service. We loved it!!

- Dianita (Francisca Madero 243) -- we have known and loved Dianita for breakfast fare for years, during this stay, we finally tried the comida corrida (55p), and should not have waited so long!! The lunch offered: agua fresco, a choice from three different kinds of soup, and from 10 different entrees!! Not an easy decision to make!! Had: cream of veggie and potato soups, and entrees of liver & onions, a pork dish, and a chicken dish w/a great red sauce, all served with rojo rice, veggies, and etc., and basket of tortillas. Total cost 165p, for the three of us. Well-prepared, tasty, great value meals!! All thanks to Anna and staff.

- * El Patio de Mario (El Tuito) -- the lunch stop during our El Tuito (and environs) road trip (with friends), and "wow" was it good!! The restaurant has a couple of sidewalk tables, and about 6 (large) tables in a lovely courtyard in the back - where we sat, amongst the trees, flowers, caged parrots and doves, for our lunch. There was no written menu, our server told us what was available for the day, and we placed our orders. And what a meal it was!! Had: beers, lemonades, and aguas, w/appetizers of dried/unsalted flour tortillas, salsa's and creamed-cheese (yum!!!), and a plate of fresh fruits (mango, orange, lime), and entrees of - an East Indian style beef dish, w/tomatoes, onions, and etc., and rice, coconut shrimp - jumbo blue shrimp, eight of them!!, w/rice, and etc., red snapper fillets - large portion, both sides of the fish, w/rice, and etc. - all dishes served up with baskets of toast and corn tortillas, and very friendly service!! Total cost 579p, for the works, for five of us!! A wonderful meal, and so much enjoyed.

- (A) Taste of Italy (Olas Altas 336) -- we (threesome) did the hamburger special (offered from noon to 5pm, a free beer or soft drink included with a 1/2 lb burger order), one day (after returning from a morning south shore beach walk), and it really "hit the spot". A large, juicy and tasty burger (50p), with a cold DosXX, made for a most-welcomed mid-day lunch!!