Favourite dining spots, recent stay - Part 3, Dinner.

Report on your Puerto Vallarta trip, hotel, restaurant, tour, etc.

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Favourite dining spots, recent stay - Part 3, Dinner.

Post by johnny2bc » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:34 pm

Dinner time!!

- Cenaduria Celia (Lazaro Cardenas 506) -- a Mexican dinner place, and a big favourite of ours over the past few years. We dined there twice this stay. Had: beer (15p), agua frescas (10p), w/nacho chips and salsas, entrees of pig's feet (50p) - smothered in a tasty red sauce (with vinegar in it) and some veggies, enchiladas (50p), large, four on the plate, well-stuffed, two with chicken, two with beef, w/frijoles, and small lettuce/tomato salad, pozole w/chicken (50p) - large bowl, hominy, chicken, a few veggies and very tasty broth, w/shredded cabbage and lime on the side, a "meal in a bowl", flan (18p) - so creamy, and in our opinion, the very best to be found in Vallarta!! We have never been disappointed here -- yum, we love Celia's!!!

- El Buen Gusto (Francisca Rodriguez 157) -- a Mexican family-style restaurant, and an 'old' favourite of ours - we first dined there in 2005, and it became a sort of 'home away from home' dining place for us quite often, for breakfasts and dinners. "Down-home good" Mexican and International fare. Had: fish (dorado fillet) tacos (15p), shrimp taco (15p), fried chicken (60p), shrimp burger (60p), hamburger w/pineapple (60p), w/nacho chips and salsas with drinks before dinner. Tortillas (corn) hand pressed and made-to-order. Met, and re-met many members of the large, extended-family during our two dines there. Very decently-prepared food, inexpensively-priced, and served up in a casual, friendly, family-style surrounding. It is not a place that everyone would like and find 'comfortable' (it 'is' family oriented, and some members of the family when present, can be quite "active" at times!!), but we like it there, and the dining represents good value.

- Hacienda Alemana (Basilio Badillo 378) -- the German restaurant in town, and an 'old' favourite of ours (first dined at its former location - celebrated my 65'th there), especially on "buffet nights" (Wednesdays and Saturdays during the high season). It's a lovely courtyard restaurant, with trees, flowers, and decorated in soft colours. Very pretty after dark, with all the candle-lighted tables, stars in the sky, and all. We (with friends) went to the restaurant to have the 'summer dinner special' (189p) - a three course meal, with choices from three different appetizers, entrees, and desserts - and we were sure glad we did, it was a great meal, and dining experience. Had: beer (on-tap, all-you-want!!), w/chips and salsas, shrimp and meat salads - beautiful to look at, and so tasty/good!!, ham hocks - several hocks, served in a very large dish/bowl, cooked to perfection, with tasty sauce and veggies, breaded fish & shrimp - lightly-battered and cooked, fish fillets and several shrimp, with rice and veggies, chocolate mousse for dessert - yum, to die for!! A wonderful meal, the food well-prepared and presented, and service to our table to match. We very much-enjoyed our evening at Hacienda Alemana.

- Mariscos Polo's (Francisco Madero 376) -- it had been quite some time since we dined at Polo's, it was a delight to finally return. A cute little place, decorated in/with bright and cheery Mexican colours, and the charming Polo at the helm (it was nice to see and talk with him once again). We were the only customers at the time, Polo greeted us, and served our table. Had: mango margarita (36p), w/tostados and salsas, wiri shrimp (170p) - with the sauce on-the-side, rice, and veggies, filet mignon (120p) - w/mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and veggies. Everything was well-prepared and presented ("picture perfect"). Our dining experience at Polo's was very much-enjoyed.

- Que?Pasa (Aquiles Serdan 625) -- an "up in the neighbourhood" restaurant/bar favourite of ours - the place has a particular 'charm' about it, and it's bright and colourful, the food is good, well-prepared, and priced right, and the service friendly. Had: beer (happy hour priced at 12p), Que?Pasa hamburger (65p), Hawaiian hamburger (75p) - the burgers with fries, and etc. The burgers thick, juicy, and delicious - from our experiences, the "best" tasting burgers in Vallarta. We like Que?Pasa.

- * Sea Monkey (Los Muertos beach @ Aquiles Serdan) -- our last evening in Vallarta. It was more of a drink and snack thing than a real meal - we enjoyed several of the 'dollar' margarita's, an order of nacho's, and two orders of chicken wings -- a fun and most-appropriate end to our much-enjoyed Vallarta stay!! We found the margarita's cold and (surprisingly) good, and the food to hit the spot - the nacho's were good, the chips smothered in all sorts of tasty stuff & such, the wings 'ok' (half-decent for the price). Total of 286p for what we had, so no complaints. (returned for breakfast the next morning - so our very last real meal 'in' Vallarta)

- Tony's Please (Lazaro Cardenas 440) -- a big favourite of ours over the past few years - Tony's Please really does "please" us!! Mom in the kitchen, Tony, and brother this time (wow, they sure look alike!), doing the waiting/serving of tables - nice folks, and good, well-prepared food. We dined there twice this stay (wish it could have been more!). Had: beers w/nacho chips and salsas, shrimp crepe (118p) - better than lasagna Jean said!!, veal cutlets (105p) w/rice and veggies, tampaquena steak plates (128p), two large pieces of moist & very tender steak, w/a cheese-stuffed chili rellano, and the other items typical of a Mexican plate (seven items in total on the large plate) - each entree preceded by a small salad, and a loaf of warm and crusty bread in a basket (yum!!). Tasty, well-prepared and presented, good value-priced offerings, served up in a casual and pretty little place, in a nice neighbourhood setting. Tony and family do it well, and we so enjoy seeing them, and dining at their place!!

- Victor's Bar & Grill (Pino Suarez 232) -- our favourite 'comfort food' home-away-from-home dining place - Victor's does it good, and consistently so!! It's a family thing - Victor and/or a son and daughter, wait and serve the tables, while his wife and their Mom does the preparations in the kitchen. The recipes are Victor's personal creations - Mexican-style adaptations to familiar favourite recipes he's gathered from foreign travellers. For example -- perogies, designed with the help of traveller's from Winnipeg and Calgary!! It's a small place, it's rather warm (only fan-cooled) on a very warm day/evening, but the drinks are cold, the food is good, and the service friendly. Our kind of place, especially when a "big" meal is not wanted. And Victor's card trick skills are sure fun to watch!! Had: perogies (60p for six) - four different flavours (stuffings), and we tried them all, they are large, well-stuffed, and flavourful, pizza - priced according to toppings, we tried a few - the 'meat lovers' (105p), a half & half w/pineapple/pepperoni on one side, and vegetarian on the other (105p), and vegetarian (95p), my personal favourite, tasty and so colourful!! Happy hour beer prices 15p. Good food and service!!

Cheers, and happy Vallarta dining everyone!! Hope I haven't bored you all too greatly!!