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Our dining, April/May, 2011 - snacks & drinks - the end.

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:20 pm
by johnny2bc
Evening after-dinner snacks.

- D'Mike (Olas Altas, near the corner with Rodolfo Gomez) -- hot-dog stand. We have enjoyed D'Mike's hot-dogs for the past several years, and ended (and toasted) this last stay with a couple of them!!
I call them "dessert", and they are great as such when dinner was early in the evening and it has worn off a good touch to be able to enjoy such a treat. And they're still the same as ever - yum!! I think they were back to 15p this time, and not the 18p they were last May (but I lost track of change that eve, so not totally sure on that?).

- Michoacana (corner of Francisco Madero & Constitucion) -- popsicles, ice cream bars, ice cream, and almost 'everything in-between' -- so many selections and flavours, and so good!!! Prices from 13p for popsicles, up to 18p, and beyond for the more fancy ice cream bars, and ice creams. But even the less-fancy, basic popsicles have some pieces of fresh fruit within them!!
A provider of tasty, cool treats for those warm evening walkabouts, or after-dinner treats. We loved this place and enjoyed the offerings often!!

Drinks (no food).

- La Choperia (Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio, at Hotel Krystal) -- stopped here (after our San Sebastian trip) for the chope - beer on tap - selections of light and dark, in small and large sizes. Had the dark, "chope grande" -- wow, it was big, cool, and sure good (28p)!! Cool place, for a cool drink on a warm day.

- Nacho Daddy (Basilio Badillo 180) -- watched some Canuck hockey action on a couple of eve's, and enjoyed a few cold brews ... and caught the sights & sounds of a little of the live music as well. Good spot for such, very accommodating staff, and good music too!!

- Que?Pasa (Aquiles Serdan 625) -- enjoyed the sights & sounds of a birthday - a particular "youngster" (we all know and love) celebrated his birthday there one Sunday!! We left before most of the 'real' action, but enjoyed what we shared, and it was good seeing the 'birthday boy' having a lot of fun!!

- Victor's Bar & Grill (Pino Suarez 232) -- watched some Canuck hockey action on a couple of eve's, and enjoyed a few cold ones. Met a couple of ex-pat Canucks doing the same - and enjoyed some conversing along with the game action!!

It's over ... lots of memories, and thoughts to the fall for more - we hope!!!


Dining reviews

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:17 am
by pdxbuff
Thanks Johnny2bc for your excellent restaurant reviews. I've been to several on your list and agree with your comments. Still, there are others to explore on my next trip and I will certainly try to sample all that I can.

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:50 pm
by johnny2bc
pdxbuff ..... thanks, it was fun putting it all together. So many others for us to try as well, hope we can get to catching some of those this fall.