june 11-21

Report on your Puerto Vallarta trip, hotel, restaurant, tour, etc.

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june 11-21

Post by iyamscifi2 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:57 pm

i'm breakin this up so noone goes crosseyed ”
Jun 22, 2011, 5:19 PM
here goes my neverending trip report. it is from june 11-21--put on your reading glasses and get a drink.

day 1

as i sit on the balcony watching the sunset drinking some rasberry vodka--i can't help but think about today.

we had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to catch our flight--but i knew it was going to be a great day when the woman next to me got bumped into 1st class and george and i had space---nothin like a seat between you.

got into pv at 2:00 pm, changed our money, went to mass, and was on our way to que?pasa when we decided to buy some pastry off of man(i didn't get the name of the store but he is around the block from cafe roma next to a tequillya store)--his name is israel and he talked about his life for about 15 min. he said some simple but profound things ---i love these people---they are so genuine. the guy in the tequila shop next door offered us shots which no way do we decline--try pomegranite--yum and on we went.

at que? pasa we met with jr, kevin, leon, michael and a few other peeps. we had the hawaiin hamb 75p and que?pasa burger 65p and a couple of beers. i was getting punchy after flying all day so we left bought some supplies for the condo, made jello shots and put the rest of the supplies in the freezer(one stop shopping at la playa on olas altas) i'll worry about food later.

because of the malecon---the show is in the park kitty corner from plaza dorado--so it's close to us. anyway it's pretty darn hot--we're done--put a fork in us---so later.

day 2

breakfast was pastry and coffee. our friend from pitillal came and met us on los muertos. we bought chicken from the place across rizos---2 whole chickens, potatoes, rice, tortillas, 2 liter pop--160p. chris came with his 3 dogs, we spent all day and it was beautiful. stayed on the beach till about 7:30--we love the ocean--you'll catch that in this report---can never figure out why God put me in the middle of a country somewhere--i mean---what was He thinking?(ohio).

after a very happy hour in our condo watchin the sunset--george and i walked to the malecon extension to buy the "corn in a cup" and ice cream.

the ice cream is delish and is on the corner next to bing--another ice cream place---it's called devil's donuts. the ice cream is excellent--except for the coconut---owners are allen and melinda---really nice.

ready for my nightcap.

can't help but notice--there are no tourists here.

day 3

we started the day off getting our teeth cleaned at justsmiles on b. badillo a few doors up from constitucion. very professional, clean, friendly--i love my doctor--martha--400p apiece. since we were close we decided to walk up to marismas taco stand. we had 7 tacos total--2 shrimp, 2 fish, 2 crab, 1 squid, 1 pepsi---120p yummy.

with bellies full, we went back to condo--had a few---went to los muertos(i wanted to hop a bus but....) down to los muertos with our collapsible cooler we went.we swam, visited with the parasail guys etc.

i wish i had big bucks to buy off of every vendor---no tourists--worse than june the year of the swine flu.

we got some fruit 20p--i bought something for my dad for papa's day.

we relaxed in the room with chips, salsa, and margs before going to cafe roma. cheryl and i never stopped talking--it was good to see the family--except juan-carlos was on vacation.

we split mediterranean pizza, bruschetta, had 6 beers--205p.

went back to the malecon--devil's donuts was closed but allen was standing there--gave us our ice cream on the house.

time for my nightcap---looking forward to another full day.

day 4

jenny(jennybean)--this one's for you.

what a day!! we started off with our morning cup of coffee waiting for the sun to burn off the clouds. next we caught a bus to lindo mar(boca/mismaloya bus) to eat at la playita. the view is to die for---waves crashing over the rocks, clear water. the breakfast was great too. hubby had waffles with mangos and bacon, i got the vegetarian omelot, potatoes, toast, coffee all for 140p. george said those were the best waffles he ever had.(always glad to make george happy--means i get another trip)

after breaky, my plan was to hop the bus to playa garza or gemelas( i heard claymore raked the sand for me at gemelas) but we stayed here instead(of course with the infamous cooler)--we grabbed some loungers. the security guy came down to tell us we could not have the chairs. i apologized and said i didn't know--he said, "okay imiga you can have them." the chairs didn't see much action as we stayed in that beautiful water. we met another couple and had a blast. then this woman comes over to me to tell me a friend of hers cancelled out of the timeshare room she had reserved for her and do we want to use it for free. it was just going to stay empty. tell me i didn't try to finangle that--it would have been for the next week. george kindly reprimanded me--said we had our flights, reminded me that our son was taking care of our cat. and that we were leaving for jamaica. and where was i going to get the money to eat for the next week. i pouted--but he wasn't buying it. i swear i'd live in a sewer if i handled the money. but what a happy life, huh?

we got on the bus and plopped right down on los muertos but not before we had the leftover chicken in tortillas in the condo. down went the last of the first batch of jello shots--watched the sunset.

by the time we got out it was 9:15--we had a yummy homemade popsicle at devil's donut-----we were somewhat hungry so allan and melinda told us about a restaurant named "coexist cafe"and we will go again. what a find. the big guy and i split a salad with shrimp, octopus, fish(fruit de marre) and a pizza with the same items185p--they have other stuff i want to try--it was mmm mmm good!

nightcap time---by the way the coexist cafe is part of the hotel rio.

day 5

i forgot to tell you about the school across the street. every morning the kids go through this routine--much like our pledge--but more involved and more disciplined--it was neat to watch.

my dearest way better half cooked eggs for breakfast after he got a quart off the juice guy on olas atas31p

we caught the boca/mismaloya bus to playa gemelas--claymore you did a great job. we mingled with the local families workin my spanish.

the water is your caribbean. loved it.

after a few hours and a few beers later--we hopped back on the bus heading back to pv--got off at punta negra beach. this beach is unlike most of the beaches we've been to in the pv area in that you have to walk a ways in before it deepens. we stayed about half hour--it was deserted--but as we left families were coming down.

once we got back to los muertos--we had a few margs and then ate everything in sight. off the vendors--homemade potato chips10p, cheetoh type things 10p, pudding 25p, chocolate flan25p fruit--oh the food vendors had a field day with us.

about 6:30, we went up to condo--had a glass of wine, got ready for dinner which was at the sea monkey to watch the sunset(WOW).

after all the stuff we ate--hubbers and i split the pico de gallo appetizer and the 7 layer salad--mmm hit the spot oh yeah had the margs--hubs had a mango one--189p.

we crossed the bridge over the rio cuale--i bought my crocheted beer tab purse and then we went to cafe roma had a bailey's on ice and shot of tequila--80p, checked my email, made a few calls. it was a quiet night there--got to talk to cheryl and fox.

went back to the bridge--we sit on that bridge almost everynight--cool breeze from ocean. nightcap time--seeya tomorrow

you guys got a headache yet?---more to come--lol--:)

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Post by grammalil » Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:10 pm

I love reading your trip reports! Sounds like our vacation in Puerto Vallarta, except I don't get as many days! Can't wait until March.......