june11-21 cont

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june11-21 cont

Post by iyamscifi2 » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:54 pm

finishing up--hope you slept well---long ”
Jun 23, 2011, 8:20 PM
day 6

johnny--this is for you (johnny2bc)

okay--i had dental insurance till last year. i told you we got our teeth cleaned. i have had 2 cavities in my whole 58 years--well guess what---dr. martha found 2 more. so after tasty pastries from yarita bakery across from fredy's---i enjoyed a shot of novacaine and 2 fillings--yumm--1000p.

after we visited efren, a waiter at playa los arcos. he is the guy i cried and snotted all over on the last day of my second trip to pv when i knew i wanted to stay forever. he is so glad to see us unless it's the last day of my trip.

for those of you who have been on los muertos beach--you know "here's johnny" the guy that walks the beach with "lobster" oysters and the like. well we always wanted to try it--so we had 2 "lobsters" with rice and salad for 300p--we enjoyed it.

after swimming, walking the beach etc--we pulled our chairs up to the ocean's edge and sat with our friend(the cooler) and relaxed for awhile.

for dinner--here ya go johnny we went to tony's please--first time. we ate it all up--yummy. we had heard that the original name was tony's place--but they made a mistake on the sign and kept tony's please as the name. we had mexican platter(chiles rellenos, quesidilla, burrito) and shrimp and chicken crepes, 2 salads, rice, veg, tortillas and ceviche and yummy warm bread 216p.

ended up at cafe roma 2 shots of tequila 60p--bought a purse for my neice on the bridge--beer tabs.

one thing about that bridge--i think it is one of the most romantic spots in pv(cheesy--since i wouldn't know romance if it hit me in the face)--nightcap time.

day 7

another good one. breakfast--the proverbial pastries. we walked down to the sea monkey because hubby had bought 2 shirts (wrong size on one) while i was enjoying my novicaine. i always wanted to meet troy and as luck would have it --he was there. what a great guy!! he deserves the success the "monkeys" are bringing him. george was trying to buy an extra shirt--and troy insisted on giving us the shirt. we sat on the beach and had 2 margs.

we went back to los muertos and then got ready to go to cafe roma because we were going to help feed the kids at 3. fox picks up about 30 kids from the school, feeds them pizza, and brings them back. anybody in town is welcome to help serve. it was neat. after "working" we went to langostinos for a board meeting--met old friends and some new ones. drinks 2 for 1

we returned to cafe roma to meet up with friend and hear kareoke--had bruschetta, 1 ham and pineapple pizza, 2 beers and shots 200p.

after cafe roma closed, cheryl, fox, george and i went to the twisted palms for a drink. we had the rasberry beret 65p.

can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

day 8

these days couldn't be better.

quince--this is for you.

hubby made breakfast--you know i won't--we aren't tired of living yet. hopped the bus for NIGHT OF THE IGUANA land--mismaloya. we lounged in the ocean--no waves--real calm then we went to carlos restaurant.--second one over. ramon served us tortillas with pico de gallos75p and 2 fishbowl margs85p great lunch--but he tried to overcharge us--i fixed it. bought a beach coverup for 140p.

i look up that hill and i can still see ava saying, "ha shannon what the hell you doing here off season?" kills me.

we got back to los muertos, got ready for mass and a board meeting at casa isabel. when we walked in only jr was there. we yakked awhile. sunseeker37 who i made plans with on line showed up with her friend--a mother of quintuplets--who had never seen the ocean. we had a blast--great to put a face to a name.

sunseeker wanted to try mariscos polo and off we went. hubby and i had mahi mahi marinara( octopus, shrimp rolled in mahi mahi. special sauce, veg, garlic bread 244p. we really liked it but i like hectors mahi better. we talked with polo and 2 couples there. sun and her friend moved on to que?pasa--we went home.

before i forget--when we were in mismaloya, i met a guy in the ocean who's dad lives in tuito. i told him i planned to go at christmas--he introduced us to his dad and told us to stop when we come. i love these people!

got a little rain walking home from polos--felt okay for someone who hates rain.

day 9

okay--we're getting close to the end--but we won't talk about it. i'm still dragging the big guy around. he's 68 and still loving it. does he have a choice?

today on our way to the bustop--we stopped at yarita bakery again. we or rather i decided to catch the bus to boca and then the watertaxi to las animas. when we reached boca--a fellow wanted us to pay 120p roundtrip. yeah right!! i hate to tell you i walked away from him, went straight to another watertaxi, and asked if he would take us to las animas for 20p apiece(going rate) it is 20p las animas, 40p quimixto, 60p yelapa--i hate to be taken--i know it is slow season but... anyway they agreed to 20p--the fellow quietly diappeared.

we had a blast--walked to los caballos--like your own private island. we ate at tachos 2 shrimpburgers with fries 60p apiece 3 beers 60p--180p and really delish.

when we went to return the watertaxi guy said 100p. what did i have on my forehead? "overcharge me today?" i told hubby to get out of the boat and then they said okay 40p.

went to los muertos had a snack of fruit, went to mass --then walked to honduras street for what we think is the best taco stand--check out jr's map for the street--and i think jr should add this stand to his list. it is called mariscos tia and it rivals marismas in our opinion. the flavors--wow. hubbers had gigantica seafood burrito of octopus, shrimp, fish, cheese, grilled onions--i had smaller burrito of shrimp, cheese, grilled onions--bill was 105p

on the way back we walked past the malecon--took a picture of the dirt, hit the sea monkey for a few, and watched the opera show at the park. nightcap time--only one day left---it gotta be a good one--maybe i'll take it easy on the big guy.

day 10

i was easy on the big guy. we went to the sea monkey for breakfast. 2 belgium waffles--one with apple cinamon, one with strawberry, 2 cups of endless coffee130p

we walked back where martha was waiting to give me a message on the beach--it was great 250p for a half hour. the rest of the day--we did nothing but spend time on los muertos with raoul, badua, and pepe--parasail guys. we talked to all the vendors, caught their stories. about 4 we took a walk. close to crying time.

for dinner we went to cafe bohemio. i'll be honest with you--about 3 years ago we had the cuban pork chops and did not care for them--but i told hubby--let's give them another chance and i'm glad we did. i had the combo shrimp half bacon wrapped shrimp, half coconut shrimp, veg, rice, soup, salad, chips and sauces149p--hubby had whole red snapper110p-wowza!!

we stopped at cafe roma to say our goodbyes and juan carlos was there--had a few beers, went back and packed, drank wine--i want to forget tomorrow.

day 11

breakfast was at george's fav breakfast place--fredy tucans. i had the omelot my way spinach, mushroom, and cheese

--he had eggs my way--both included hash browns, toast, tortillas, a roll 189p.

just wanted you to know this---be proud of me--my eyes filled up but never did the tears roll down my cheeks---it was raining--puerto vallarta took over for me--she was crying because i was leaving--okay--gimme a break---i can dream can't i?

for those of you coming the first time--i hope i helped you get around. of course you have to be extreme and insane about beaches, booze, and food.. for those of you that are regulars--get over that you had to read all this.

i hope tourism picks up for these people with the ever so positive and bright attitudes--i really learn so very much each trip. pv--seeya at christmas.