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Finally made it.

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:01 pm
by davilin
Ok, so I haven't got the photos loade into the puter yet but will soon. Anyway, we spent the week of nov 26 through dec 3 at the Grand Mayan in N.V. We usually stay at the Mayan Palace there but got an upgrade at no extra cost. Good thing. There is a lot of work going at the M,P. and it was extremely noisy there when I took a walk over one morning. Main thing the G.M. has going for it is the pool area. Lazy River was fun and there's a wave pool and a large childrens play area with tubes and water slides and fountains for them to play around in. We also had a large balcony, which the M.P. lacks, with a dipping pool on the balcony. I see that as just a gimmick. We never used it, the water was cold and the balcony was always in the shade. We spent that entire week at the resort just relaxing at the pool and unwinding. I tried a little body surfing but while the waves looked to be an ok size, they had no power. Still, caught a couple of half decent rides. The only time we left the resort was for dinner at La Laguna, which was outstanding as always. Of the restraunts at the resort, we liked Samba's for their very good seafood dishes.
Week 2 we moved down to the Mayan Palace at the P.V. Marina. From there we took a trip downtown amd admired the Malecon's new look and, especially, the fact that the street is now closed to traffic all day. How nice to sit in the open fronte restraunts and bars sipping a cold one and people watching without being choked out by the fumes of exhaust. We also went tothe Marina Malecon, which has changed very little. While there we tried a new place for dinner, Mr. Frank's, by the entrance to the Marina. Really gfood shrimp and a free marguerita.
I finally took a day trip out to Yelapa which I have wanted to do ever since we 1st went to P.V. but somehow just never got around to, A great place to kick back and enjoy the beach, though there was a very bad undertoe that day so swimming was not so good. The famous "Pie Lady" came by but I had just eaten a large lunch and had no room for a piece of pie, though they sure lookied good.
Since it's been 4 years since our last visit and those for years have been very unkind to us, we sure need this get away. Love P.V. forever.

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:18 pm
by howard_jax
Was so glad you got there and a had a good time.

Hope it will not be so long between visits for the future.

Nice trip report

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:09 pm
by webmaster
Great to hear you had a well deserved vacation, thanks for the report. Looking forward to the photos, any videos?