Las Palmas Hotel - for anyone considering this hotel

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Las Palmas Hotel - for anyone considering this hotel

Post by colin » Mon Jul 16, 2001 9:37 am

Las Palmas Hotel Puerto Vallarta

I stayed at the Las Palmas Hotel from the 26th June 2001 to 11th July 2001 with my wife and daughter. This was a last minute holiday and on an all inclusive basis – I would have been more than a little annoyed had I paid anywhere near the advertised desk rate of 1200 pesos per person per night, correction 1150 pesos as there were three of us sharing one room.

The hotel location is good – right on a good sandy beach and the facilities provided – including entertainment are fair to good. There is a frequent bus service on the main road outside the hotel into PV centre; which is some 2 to 3 kms – the bus fare is 3 pesos.

Food and Drink

This was the main disappointment, even allowing for the fact that the main restaurant – La Brissa – was undergoing refurbishment and meals were served under a palapa and makeshift awnings, was the overall poor quality and lack of variety of the food. That being said the ‘formal’ restaurant La Gaucamaya provided an acceptable menu. The refurbished La Brissa opened on the day we left and there appeared to be some improvement in the quality/variety on offer.
The alcoholic drinks supplied could be served at an AA meeting with little fear of any of the attendees breaking their pledge. The beer (Sol) is served in small plastic beakers or small disposable drinks cartons – you can obtain a half pint glass by rewarding the staff with tips but glasses are rare items. The cocktails are abysmal with too much ice and water and inferior grade alcoholic spirits and licquers


The rooms are basic but acceptable however in our first allocated room the toilet cistern required repair and there was a large stained patch of plaster in the ceiling above the toilet, obviously from the toilet in the room above. We were really impressed when what I assume was water began dripping from the stained area onto our toilet. To be fair the staff quickly allocated another room to use – but again the toilet cistern had a will of its own.
The staff were overall pleasant, friendly and helpful – with the exception of the chambermaids who had difficulty comprehending that there were three of us in one room and we required three towels and not two. On the subject of towels sadly some had seen better days and had holes