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Beware kenneth ray varner aka carlo DiGiovanni

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 6:53 pm
by Greeneyed 76
People need to be aware of this con man, he will stop at nothing to afford his dillusional life style, everything he sais was a lie,master at manipulating,borrows money as he had a excuse for everything,financially destroyed me,but used the money he stole from me to support his child ,her private school,child supportand the child's mother family in mexico,the children he has in Washington, the many of numerous other women he meets on plenty of fish,ok cupid and any other site he feels like surfing victims for,,,this man is a monster, he lies,cheats,has taken cars without permission to get stereos put in and I've never seen my cars again,,,anyone has any questions about this con artist please message me but do not ,whatever you do,do not believe anythijg this man sais and he's violent and dangerous to be around so stay far away from him,,,i wish I wouldn't of ever met this monster