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Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:44 am
by Greeneyed 76
Carlo whos real name is Kenneth ray Varner is soon to have even more charges filed against him ,,I guess him snitching didn't work out so well...yes I'd say emailing a prosecuting attorney trying to get the person's bail revoked that he snitched on because he didn't want to pay the $$$70,000 cash that he borrowed ...yes Carlo that makes you a rat..called up your daddy's cop friends...your a rat fake bitch and go hide I Mexico hopefully they get rid of your snitching a$$...sure made s*** clear about your ex partner getting busted didn't it..did you tell your old boss you stole the black Honda you were suppose to destroy...ya put it in your daughter jochelle name..after you gave it to me towards the 15,000 I loaned you to pay them in Sacramento..nobody should trust you..if anyone wants the proof of him snitching contact me they included the paperwork of proof with the protection order the bitch tried to get in Thurston county...ya it included emails between Ken/Carlo and the prosecuting attorneys office...ya he's a rat..and I was his girlfriend...can't get any more foul then he did...he's a punk bitch,who lies to who he works for lies to everyone,I found out the creep wasn't even raised in New york.dont have any grandparents there and he killed his own dad...and ya he's got a active DEA case in California scared to put the car in his name has me spend 3500 to paint the car green and do the body work...and puts it in his kids name .after he gave it to man would put a car in a a time DEA case in his child's name...Ken did...he's a bitch.hes weak.and he told ..all because he didn't want to pay the cash he borrowed..and his heroin addict lame employee robbed his the guy she hired to do it on I didn't steal from my own house you looser..someone should put you in a if u would rat no good.fake a$$ punk