Mother 40s/Daughter 18 Night Out at Malecon

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Mother 40s/Daughter 18 Night Out at Malecon

Post by ShineOn » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:28 am

A friend and I are taking our 18 yr old college daughters to PV Dec 14-21 this year to "get away" and have some fun. javascript:emoticon(':D') My friend and I are not trying to be college co-eds, but want to take our girls out for fun. I don't want to be surrounded by puking 20 year olds or worry about drug dealers nor do they. Do you have any bars/night clubs that you can recommend with some fun dancing? Ones to avoid that may be out of my comfort zone? (heavy club music) My husband and I have always been intimidated by the huge night clubs in PV when we traveled there, so I have no PV night life experience. I know that this doesn't make me sound like the funnest person,BUT I AM very fun! javascript:emoticon(':wink:') We want this trip to be memorable and not boring. We will want to dance some. Also, are foam parties something young kids do and are they safe?
I need to know details on what clubs to avoid or any other advice. Do buses run late? Are they safe at dark from Malecon to hotel zone?

ANY advice on how to make this trip memorable without spending too much $? On budget.

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Most of them are fun

Post by webmaster » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:19 am

Most of the places on the Malecon are fun, I think Collage is closed so the only foam party in town seems to be held at the Señor Frogs. Zoo bar has always been a bit too hip-hoppity crass for my taste.

Drug dealers, barfing kids? Where have you been going! Never encountered either in the nightclubs, or maybe I just choose well and look too healthy and clean...

Anyway, you can always find something on the Malecon, you should also consider Strana + Mandala if you are more into "chic" stuff and J&B + Kokopellis for more relaxed latin night.

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