Eventually Retiring to PV(seeking advance Planning) ADVISE!!

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Eventually Retiring to PV(seeking advance Planning) ADVISE!!

Post by kenny » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:23 pm

hi, I LOIVE PV. In my 30's and my signifigant other is in their late 20's. Planning on semi retiring to PV...Meaning eventually will open some sort of business. My partner is a Mexican citizen and we live in the US. Living in South Carolina but, I am origanally from NEW YORK. Anyways, seeking some information, if ANYONE COULD BE SO KIND TO SHARE SOME THINGS LISTED BELOW--IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
-LOOKING TO BUY A HOME FOR BETWEEN 100-500,000. Not a codo. It canbe in gated community. The South Shore, Downtown South (something private but ability to walk out of home and do lots of things.
-Ocean view, walking to dinning, shopping,etc...
-Desire of Mexican feel, surroundings.
-How does banking work. Is it best to keep accounts in U.S. banks or how does workout on transfering or off shore accounts ,etc... I will eventually collect Social Security too.
-Should we have a car (one to run around in --good one vs. clunker).
-Hown does one find housekeepsers,etc...
-What is the average living exspenses monthly???
-How much on average is property taxes????

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Post by kcowan » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:08 pm

You have to be much more specific because there is total flexibility in the PV area. e.g. $100k to $500k for the house.

If you plan on doing business, you will need a local bank account.

A car is not essential unless you decide to buy outside town to have an ocean view.

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retiring in P.v.

Post by PV Patty » Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:31 pm

hey there Kenny,

Not sure if you noticed or not.. but there already is a subject on this topic ..look in the index.
Its a active one.. and alot of your questions have probably been asked and answered already..

good luck... and I am soooo jealous!