Question about Destiladeros and itinerary

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Question about Destiladeros and itinerary

Post by deollafan » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:31 pm

Traveling with three people who have never been to Vallarta, and I haven't returned since 2007. Was wondering if it's still possible to get to Destiladeros baach and if there was still a little restaurant there on the beach.

Also, Ive been planning activities for us as a group. We are going to use buses and water taxi and avoid cabs as much as possible. We are going to be there six days, and I had these trips in mind:

Botanical Gardens
Destiladeros (if it's still possible)

Extra time will be spent just walking around, shopping, trying out new restaurants and taco stands, going to Los Muertos.

Any ideas for the best days to do the trips? Any other recommendations?

We are not interested in any guided tours. Also, we are staying on the South Side.

I used to go to Vallarta for two months every summer, but I haven't been regularly since 2003 and have only made one trip back since then. Regretting not going back sooner!

Thanks for your input!

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Destiladeras Beach and more

Post by webmaster » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:10 am

Was at Destiladeras Beach last year (May 2012) and the Nahui development was still just taking off. I believe the beach will always be accessible, no matter what happens with the development, it's a popular beach and the general public should not be blocked. When I was there I saw no restaurant, just a few small huts that offered cold drinks and a snack or two, nothing fancy, very basic.

The trips you've planned are fine, specially Yelapa and the Botanical Garden, it'll all be very green in the rainy season, though it will be quite hot and humid, I guess you know that already.

You'll have a great trip.