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Post by Danielle » Thu Jan 17, 2002 3:54 am

Destilladeras... ! El Anclote.....San Pancho... wonderful places.
Have a great time.......I'm off in a weeks time to Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo but I shall return.... I was in PV in October. Can't seem to get away from
that place....!!

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Post by minrose » Sat Jan 19, 2002 1:28 am

I agree, Destiladeras beach was great. The sand was powdery soft and there were seashells all over. You could wade out quite a ways before it got deep, the tide was not as rough as at the hotel zone beaches. Sometimes the hotel zone beach tide would toss a rock on your foot or ankles hard enough to make them bleed some, but not at Destiladeras.
You could walk for quite aways either direction at Destiladeras, pretty rocks on parts of the beach too. Some rocks had seashells embedded in them, which was kind of neat to see.

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Destiladeras Beach video

Post by webmaster » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:54 pm

I created a nice video for Destiladeras Beach (Playa Destiladeras)