This Map of Puerto Vallarta (which includes Nuevo Vallarta and Banderas Bay, Mexico) offers a detailed view of mainly the city of PV, as you zoom in more and more detail will appear. Please take into account that features, streets, hotels, supermarkets, parks, gas stations, churches, and much more will only be visible once you zoom in enough. Only general features will be visible initially. This is one of the most detailed maps of Puerto Vallarta and we hope you enjoy it.

Hotel Maps for each city zone

Marina Golf Club (Bay View Grand in the background), Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

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Puerto Vallarta Golf (Nayar Course - Nuevo Vallarta - Vidanta)

Puerto Vallarta Golf

Banderas Bay Map, beaches and geographical features

This large and complete map shows the area of Banderas Bay. It includes the area within the state of Nayarit that extends from Punta Villela (Villela Point) on the peninsula of Punta de Mita to the mouth of the Ameca River that separates Nayarit from the state of Jalisco. Then the area of the bay in Jalisco extends from the mouth of the Ameca River to Cabo Corrientes Point. The Banderas Bay map includes the location of: Islas Marietas Playa Escondida o del Amor (Hidden Beach)Punta Villela / Villela PointEl Anclote BeachNuevo Corral del RiscoLa LanchaPlumerosLas CabezasPunta Puntoque / Puntoque PointParaíso / ParadiseBolongoPlaya Amor / Love BeachParaíso Escondido / Hidden ParadisePark in this areaWalk to Burros BeachPunta El Burro / Burros BeachPunta Tortugas / Turtle PointEl FarallónLos VenerosRancho BanderasPlaya EstatesPlaya Destiladeras / Destiladeras BeachPlaya La Calera / La Calera BeachPunta Las Cargadas / Cargadas PointPunta Montoga / Montoga PointLas ViudasPalito VerdeArena Blanca / White SandLa ManzanillaLa Cruz de HuanacaxtleEl TizatePunta EsmeraldaBuceríasPublic Access to the beachSecond "access" to Nuevo Vallarta BeachThird access to Nuevo Vallarta beachNuevo Vallarta BeachLaguna El Quelele / El Quelele LagoonDesembocadura del Río Ameca / Ameca River MouthBoca de TomatesYou need to either walk or drive to the beachOnly "public" access to the Marina BeachPlaya Marina / Marina BeachBoca MarinaPlaya de OroRío Pitillal / Pitillal RiverPlaya Los Tules / Los Tules BeachLas Glorias BeachPlaya Tranquila / Calm BeachPlaya Camarones / Camarones BeachPlaya del Malecón / El Malecon BeachRío Cuale / Cuale RiverOlas AltasLos MuertosLas PilitasEl ...

Arts and Crafts Stores and Art Gallery Map

Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition, and promotion. The Art Walk is another important contribution to PV's cultural activities, many art galleries in the Downtown and Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta participate. Remarkable paintings, sculptures, fine ceramics, blown-glass and other art is offered. Local Arts & Crafts and folk art of the region includes sandals and huaraches, made with leather and the "Vallarta" style shoes (similar to moccasins). Frames, decorations and chandeliers of artistic wrought iron, colonial style furniture, all kinds of silver and gold jewelry and other materials, decorative pieces in mother of pearl, and that's just the start of the shopping list.

Top 10 Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta Map

Though there are a large number of things to do in Puerto Vallarta. If your trip is short, you really don't want to spend each and every day traveling all over the place, which is why a TOP 10 list like this one can be quite useful. This map includes the best of the best trip/tour/activity options to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta, depending on your taste and interests, some may be more or less your style, for special needs, hobbies and so on, you can check the larger list of "What to do's" in town.

Puerto Vallarta Public Wi-Fi Location Map

Any hotel worth its salt offer free wi-fi access, some include it for an extra charge. If you are somewhere in Puerto Vallarta you may want to connect through one of the public Wi-Fi hotspots listed in this section. Do take into consideration the security risks and in some cases, you'll be expected to consume something to gain access to their internet connections.