This Map of Puerto Vallarta (which includes Nuevo Vallarta and Banderas Bay, Mexico) offers a detailed view of mainly the city of PV, as you zoom in more and more detail will appear. Please take into account that features, streets, hotels, supermarkets, parks, gas stations, churches, and much more will only be visible once you zoom in enough. Only general features will be visible initially. This is one of the most detailed maps of Puerto Vallarta and we hope you enjoy it.

Hotel Maps for each city zone

Marina Golf Club (Bay View Grand in the background), Puerto Vallarta

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Location Maps

Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

Services & Shopping maps

Puerto Vallarta Golf (Nayar Course - Nuevo Vallarta - Vidanta)

Puerto Vallarta Golf

Map of the sculptures all over Puerto Vallarta

Mermaid on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon Though the sculptures along the Malecon in downtown Puerto Vallarta are those that are best known and appear in most tourist's souvenir photos, there are quite a few important works of art in different parts of town, all with their own background story. This map shows the location of all sculptures in town, from Las Juntas all the way to Las Pilitas, including the ones on the Malecon. If you've found one that is not included, please do tell us, we'll add it.

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Maps

Hotel Maps: North Zone | Nuevo Vallarta | Marina Vallarta | Hotel Zone | Downtown | Romantic Zone | South Zone This section now includes maps that show the location of the different hotels in Pto. Vallarta. They are shown subdivided by zones, which are also described in the attractions section: Marina Vallarta, Hotel Zone, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Old Vallarta or Romantic zone and South zone. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of the Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. Banderas Bay & Vallarta Zone Map North Zone Hotel Map Nuevo Vallarta Map Marina Vallarta hotels Hotel Zone Hotels Downtown Hotels Old Vallarta (Romantic Zone) Hotels South Zone hotel map

Puerto Vallarta Zone Map

Downtown view at night To help both locals and visitors, Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings are divided into discrete zones, these are, from North to South: North zone starts at the northern tip of the Banderas Bay and ends in Bucerías. Nuevo Vallarta starts south of Bucerías and Ends north of Boca de Tomates. Airport & Las Juntas, from Boca de Tomates to the Marina area. Marina Vallarta starts off south of the airport and ends by the Cruise terminal (harbor) area. Hotel Zone starts by the city harbor area and ends north of Brasilia Street. Downtown starts south of Brasilia street and ends at the Cuale River. Old Vallarta (Romantic Zone) starts on the northern side of the Cuale River and ends where the highway south starts, and the South zone from the Romantic zone all the way to Boca de Tomatlán and the southern beaches. To get a better idea of the zones, use this map: Features and landmarks on the map, north to south: Punta de Mita La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Bucerías Marieta Islands Bus station Airport Harbor Town square Guadalupe Parish Los Muertos Beach Los Arcos de Mismaloya Mismaloya Beach Vallarta Zoo Boca de Tomatlán Yelapa Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Map of Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta

There are many options in town for those that want a bit more than beach, drinks, and sun. It's impossible to list them all as people's interests are very wide and the city offers so many things to do. There are food tours, small beaches, stores, cultural options, towns in the Sierra, tours, art galleries, a zoo, botanical gardens, Tequila tours and much more. This map shows a few options on the long list. Main options found on this map: Vallarta Theater- read more The Malecon - read more Art Galleries - read more Malecón statues - read more Panorama from Lighthouse on Matamoros - read more Naval Museum - read more Main plaza - read more Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish - read more Cuale Flea Market - read more Los Muertos Beach - read more Los Muertos Beach Pier - read more Mismaloya - read more Vallarta Zoo - read more Vallarta Botanical Gardens - read more

Day trips in the Vallarta area

Yalapa, Jalisco, Mexico As some may know, Puerto Vallarta is a place people tend to visit once and again, you'll find lots of things to do in town and around the city, but there are also interesting cultural and family adventures a little bit further away from town. We've classified these as day trips, some are maybe even better if the trip is a bit longer, like a trip to Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Tonala or Tequila. This map shows options we consider close enough and that are also well connected as a one day adventure. Places listed on this map (N to S), click for more information: La Caleta Chacala San Pancho (San Fco. de Jaltemba) Sayulita Marieta Islands La Cruz Bucerías Nuevo Vallarta San Sebastián del Oeste Los Arcos Mismaloya Mascota Las Caletas Yelapa

Vallarta Beach Map

[toc] One of the natural treasures Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay has to offer are the many beaches, large and small, popular or solitary. You will find many activities to partake in, from scuba diving and snorkeling to just strolling down the golden sands with your feet caressed by the warm water and waves. We've included beaches from Riviera Nayarit in the north to Cabo Corrientes in the south, most are easily accessible from Puerto Vallarta. Beach List Boca de Tomates El Salado (Marina Vallarta) Playa de Oro Los Tules Las Glorias Tranquila Camarones Olas Altas Los Muertos Las Amapas Conchas Chinas Las Estacas Los Venados El Carrizo Punta Negra Palmares (El Paredón) Garza Blanca Las Gemelas Los Arcos Mismaloya Boca de Tomatlán Colomitos El Caballo Las Ánimas Quimixto Las Caletas Majahuitas Yelapa Pizota El Chimo Corrales Cabo Corrientes Mayto Tehuamixtle Villa del Mar La Caleta Chacala Hermosa Rincón de Guayabitos Los Ayala Los Venados El Atracadero (Lo De Marcos) San Francisco "San Pancho" Sayulita Litibú Lobos Punta Negra (Carrilleros) Marietas Islands Hidden Beach La Nopalera El Anclote Burros Destiladeras La Manzanilla Bucerías Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta Maps showing beaches in PV and the Banderas Bay Beaches between San Pancho and Marina Vallarta (Click to enlarge) Beaches between Marina Vallarta and Old Vallarta (Click to enlarge) Beaches between Old Vallarta and Mismaloya (Click to enlarge) Beaches between Mismaloya and Yelapa (Click to enlarge)

Hotel & Resort Map: Puerto Vallarta South Zone

South Zone beach South of downtown Vallarta and the Romantic zone the highway going south runs along the edge of the sea and the lush green jungle hills that drop into the bay. This area has been developed mainly as a residential area and offers some very beautiful resorts, many with their "own" beaches and coves. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. There are many nice beaches, Los Arcos, the Zoo, Vallarta Botanical Gardens and the isolated South-Pacific-like beaches and towns south of Boca de Tomatlán that can only be reached by water taxi. Main features found on this map: Los Arcos Marine Reserve - read more Mismaloya Beach - read more The Set of the Night of the Iguana - read more Vallarta Zoo - read more Bungee Jumping - read more Boca de Tomatlán - read more Las Ánimas - read more Quimixto - read more Las Caletas - read more Majahuitas - read more Yelapa - read more Vallarta Botanical Gardens - read more

Hotel and Resort Map: Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Romantic Zone Puerto Vallarta (Old Vallarta) Between downtown Puerto Vallarta on the north side and the South zone on the S side, between the Cuale River Island and Conchas Chinas you have what is now known as the Romantic Zone or Old Vallarta. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. This area developed in the 1960s and 1970s when tourism started to become the town's main income and a stable concrete bridge was built over the Cuale River (finished Oct. 1959). There's lots to do, shops, restaurants, bars, and much more. Hotels are smaller, less than a handful offer all-inclusive because it doesn't really make sense when the lively town offers world-class restaurants and bars just walking out of the hotel lobbies. Main features found on this map: Olas Altas Beach - read more Lázaro Cárdenas Park Los Muertos Beach - read more Los Muertos Pier - read more Original Seahorse Statue - read more Las Pilitas - read more El Púlpito - read more

Hotel and Resort Map: Nuevo Vallarta

Between the North zone and Bucerías on the north side and the Airport and Marina Vallarta on the south side lies Nuevo Vallarta, a tourist development started in the 1980's with the first hotel and mainly developed as a tourist destination since 1992. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of the Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. The area has some 3 miles of beach and two well-equipped marinas, one called Marina Norte (North) and the other called Marina Paradise, this last one has over 300 slips, there are also around 7 miles of navigatable channels. New resorts are built regularly here and there is a bustling real-estate development wave, a great place to find or build a beautiful house. Most hotels and resorts in Nuevo Vallarta are mostly luxurious, beachside and all-inclusive. There are a few smaller shopping centers and some good restaurants in the area. Features locations and attractions that appear on the map: Flamingo's Golf Club - read more Lago Real Mall Aquaventuras Water Park - read more El Tigre Golf Club - read more Paradise Mall Nayar Golf Club - read more Paradise Marina Nuevo Vallarta Plaza (shopping center)

Puerto Vallarta Hotel / Resort Map: North Zone

Moving further north, past Nuevo Vallarta, you start off in Bucerías and follow the edge of the Banderas Bay, past the highway exit in direction to Tepic, Nayarit, to the west, you'll then get to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a long stretch after that includes Destiladeras Beach and resorts like the Palladium until you arrive at Punta de Mita. This map includes the hotels located from Bucerías all the way to Litibú, just north of Punta de Mita. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of the Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. Main features listed on the map (from N to S): Litibu golf course - read more Punta Mita golf course - read more Punta de Mita - read more El Anclote Beach - read more Burros Beach - read more Destiladeras Beach - read more La Manzanilla Beach - read more La Cruz de Huanacaxtle - read more Bucerías - read more Marieta Islands - read more USA Consular Agency - read more International Airport - read more

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