This Map of Puerto Vallarta (which includes Nuevo Vallarta and Banderas Bay, Mexico) offers a detailed view of mainly the city of PV, as you zoom in more and more detail will appear. Please take into account that features, streets, hotels, supermarkets, parks, gas stations, churches, and much more will only be visible once you zoom in enough. Only general features will be visible initially. This is one of the most detailed maps of Puerto Vallarta and we hope you enjoy it.

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Marina Golf Club (Bay View Grand in the background), Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

Puerto Vallarta beaches and city

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Puerto Vallarta Golf (Nayar Course - Nuevo Vallarta - Vidanta)

Puerto Vallarta Golf

Marina Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta) Hotel/Resort Map

Marina Vallarta Lighthouse, Puerto Vallarta Mexico Full Marina Vallarta Article Between Nuevo Vallarta on the north side and the PV Hotel zone on the south side, you'll find the airport and most importantly the Marina Vallarta area. This area was planned and developed by the Martínez Güitrón brothers from Guadalajara, a development that included a school, condominiums, residential areas, a shopping mall and large hotel & resort properties. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of Banderas Bay in a north-south curve.  The 450 boat slip Marina was started in 1986, was up and running by 1990 and mostly finished by 1993. Most of the big luxurious resorts and hotels are located here, all-inclusive is the rule here, though there are a number of good hotels around and close to the Marina Vallarta. Features locations and attractions that appear on the map: International Airport - read more Plaza Marina (mall) - read more Maria Reina de la Paz Church (Catholic) - read more Marina Vallarta public beach access - read more Marina Vallarta Golf Club - read more Marina Lighthouse The Marina - read more

Hotel and Resort Map: Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone

Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta Between Marina Vallarta on the north side and downtown Puerto Vallarta in the south is the PV "hotel zone", an area that started being developed in the late 1970s, when the lands were expropriated and administered through the "Fideicomiso de Puerto Vallarta" (the PV Trust), one of the new hotels in the areas was, for example, Sheraton Buganvilias. A few hotels already existed there, the Posada Vallarta (now Krystal) and Torre de Oro, but today the number of hotels is impressive and still, more are added regularly. The area also offers various malls, some very good restaurants, and nightlife options. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. Important features included on the map: Plaza Galerías (mall) - read more Walmart - read more SAM's Club - read more Harbor Cruise Terminal - read more Canadian Consular Agency - read more Plaza Peninsula (mall) - read more Parque Lineal Pitillal (public park) Plaza Caracol (mall) Los Mangos Public Library - read more Plaza Genovesa (mall)

Hotel/Resort Map: Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Between the Hotel Zone and the Romantic Zone (Old Vallarta) is the original and oldest part of town. Hotels start off on the north edge with Villa Premiere and end on the south side with Hotel Encino and Hotel Rio. Very few offer all-inclusive as it doesn't really make sense when you have gourmet restaurant options just walking out the hotel door. Check out the Zone map if you don't know the general layout of the city, it's not hard at all as it all lies along the edge of Banderas Bay in a north-south curve. Main features found on this map: Parque Hidalgo (public park) - read more Malecon Lighthouse Matamoros Lighthouse - read more Town Hall & The main plaza - read more Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish - read more Taylor-Burton bridge - read more Gringo Gulch - Cuale Island bridge - read more Cuale River Island - read more

Webcams in Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay area

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video a million words and a webcam is almost like being there (if it's good enough quality), so here's a list of all the webcams in Puerto Vallarta and the Bay area that we know of (if you know another, please tell us and we'll add it). Some are old and fun (the Rosita one), some others are fabulous for people watching and you feel you are there (the Pelicam) and some show picturesque areas, like the one showing the seahorse on Los Muertos Beach. Check them all out and fly to PV through your computer and internet. Places listed on this map, click for more information: Puerto Vallarta Webcam at Hotel Rosita (Malecon and downtown) Marina cam (Marina Vallarta) Hotel Suites La Siesta(Downtown from the hill) Mariscos Tino's (Malecon) Mi Querencia (Malecon & Seahorse Statue) Cafe Roma (Downtown) The Blue Shrimp (Los Muertos Beach & the Pier) The Pelican's Eye (Cuates y Cuetes right by the Pier) Los Muertos Beach (Seahorse statue) Vista Grill cam (Romantic Zone) Dreams Puerto Vallarta (South zone) Nuevo Vallarta Grand Velas (Nuevo Vallarta) Dreams VillaMagna (Nuevo Vallarta) Villa La Estancia (Nuevo Vallarta)