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Real Estate the most profitable investment
August 4, 2004
Currently, when investments offer low rates of return and the stock market is unstable, the real estate market distinguishes itself as a safe investment that pays good dividends to investors... 

History & Hospitality
January 15, 2004
Up at Casa Kimberley, the vacation hideaway where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton drank and cavorted and fought and drank some more, life is good...

Weddings in Paradise
August 7, 2003
Everyone thinks of Puerto Vallarta as a perfect vacation spot, and as encompassing all the ingredients for the idyllic honeymoon, but more and more folks are looking...

When fact merges with fiction
July 7, 2003
It is true that Mr. Luster was in Puerto Vallarta. For 5 months he had been on the lam after jumping bail in his trial in Los Angeles for...

San Sebastián Ole
June 27th, 2003
Life's sweetest memories often require considerable effort in the making. The trip to San Sebastian is no exception, especially if you travel overland...

Beaches of Vallarta
June 16th, 2003
If you are sitting in a hot stuffy office in the middle of Manhattan or Washington, D.C., and someone says, "Let's go to the beach," it's just not that easy. Not so in Puerto Vallarta or around the Bay of Banderas. A short ten-minute drive ... 

Thoughts on Vallarta
May 30th, 2003
They say that paradise is a state of mind, but when all the ingredients are right, it can also be a place. Puerto Vallarta is such a place...

10th Annual Sports Classics
May 17th, 2003
Against all odds. Howard Kelsey and Gemma Garciarce have grown accustomed to fighting battles against insurmountable odds. This year is no exception. There was our friend KENNA who ravished ashore and did major damage to the Hotel Sheraton Buganvilias...

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