Brand New Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

(Oct. 2011) The Puerto Vallarta Malecon renovation is noteworthy due to the construction and structure's quality, minute details are taken into account during the construction process, stated the Vallartan mayor.

Brand New Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

All this is important within the remodeling process mainly because they are creating an enjoyable new space that both visitors and locals will be able to enjoy for a long time.

According to the mayor, Salvador Gonzalez Resendiz, the citizens have widely accepted the new malecon, based on their comments, they have recognized the good work that's visible in this city project.

Care has been taken in the building of the steps of the amphitheater, which were redone a few times as the concrete steps and finish was not up to standards established by the city's municipality authorities.

He also commented many details have been modified regarding the final touches, not structural issues, but details, all this with quality in mind so that the Malecon would be world class, so that Vallarta can enjoy and be proud of it's seaside walkway.

He added that future administrations will only need to take maintenance into account and emphasized that if they detect any errors or issues in time, there is a guarantee from the builder and relevant repairs will be made if necessary.

Visitors can now enjoy this new walkway, hundreds of them already gathered at the site, which although it's not one hundred percent complete, it was cleared of materials and machines to allow passage to a large number of people who decided to visit and verify the quality and beauty of this renewed tourist attraction. The renovation of the Puerto Vallarta malecón left a good impression on visitors and tourists, who expressed their approval of this new project.

It should be noted that the inhabitants of Puerto Vallarta not only want to renew the boardwalk, they want a more profound renewal that would even include the attitude of the local Vallarta inhabitants and their habits within the city every day, and a renewal of the private initiative, so that the latter invests in better products and facilities that suit the demand of globalized tourists that visit Puerto Vallarta every day.

Initiatives that also support improvements in all services, jobs, worker protection, increased productivity and performance of activities and an improvement of the respect for the environment as beautiful and generous as the one in Puerto Vallarta.