Cruise Arrivals on the Rise in Puerto Vallarta

Marina Cruise Ship2 S

Puerto Vallarta is having the best cruise arrival season it’s seen in over a decade, January numbers report the highest amount cruise ships arrivals when compared to the same month in the past twelve years.

According to the numbers reported by the API (Port Administration), in January 2020 Puerto Vallarta saw twenty six ships dock, while 2019 reported twenty five, twenty two in 2018, seventeen in 2017, thirteen in 2016, 2015 and 2014, ten in 2013, fourteen in 2012, nineteen in 2011, twenty one in 2010 eighteen in 2009 and twenty nine in 2008.

However, 2020 still reported the highest number of visitors, with 114,841 passengers arriving through cruise ships.

This confirms that international cruise ship tourism is still growing in the region.

Source: AZ Noticias (Spanish)