Fiestas de Guadalupe

On December 12th millions of Mexicans celebrate the last appearance of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego in 1531. This religious commemoration has turned into a national holiday, and now also a day of celebration throughout the Americas, as declared by Pope John Paul II on his last visit to Mexico.

Infinite are the favors granted by the Virgin of Guadalupe. As Mexicans, Catholic or not, millions of us take refuge under her comforting starry mantle. She is our Guadalupe. mother of all Mexicans, the Morenita del Tepeyac.

Virgin-Mother, Santa Maria de Guadalupe is the banner that weaves maguey threads with those of silk into a tapestry of cultures and beliefs: of Tonantzin, our Madrecita (little Mother), Mother Earth, mother of gods and men, and Holy Mary Mother of God. Guadalupe-Tonantzin, a symbol of national identity, an emblem of unity, a combination of indigenous and Iberic roots, the initial fusion of pre-Hispanic Mexico with the West, and through it, with the East.

Beyond mere religious, social or psychological interpretations, one is Guadalupan because one is Mexican –goes the popular saying-, it symbolizes the national devotion which attaches us to this mother figure and unites us with our Guadalupan brothers and sisters around the world. One assumes it like an identity.. a vocation taken as an act of faith not to be argued or questioned. It is a mystery to be accepted, lived and felt.

Approximately 90 million Mexicans are devotees of our Patroncita, our Little Patroness, Queen of Mexico, Empress of the Americas and the Phillippines. She protects us with her spirit, which lives inside us all. She is our inner voice that says: What do you fear? Am I not here, your Mother? She is also there in her Basilica in the Tepeyac foothills north of Mexico City.

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