Emirates and Interjet Announce New Alliance


Starting on December 9, 2019, Emirates Airlines and Interjet began working together to allow for flight connectivity between Vallarta - Nayarit and Dubai.

Emirates passengers will now be able to travel seamlessly to a number of cities in Mexico. Emirates and Interjet have just announced a new interline agreement which will come as welcome news to customers looking to fly between Mexico, the Middle East and beyond.

Where the previous interline agreement only allowed Emirates customers to travel to Mexico City via US airports, the new agreement will work both ways. Not only will Emirates passengers now be able to travel to 12 destinations in Mexico without having to check in or manually transfer their luggage. Interjet passengers will now be able to do the same when traveling to Emirates destinations in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

There are clearly potential gains to be had by both airlines out of this interline agreement. Emirates has a chance to tap into Interjet’s strong international demand, while Interjet can make use of incoming Emirates passengers to increase its domestic passenger traffic.

Source: Simple Flying