Expo Centenario Underway in Puerto Vallarta


On the occasion of the centennial celebrations, the Expo Centenario is now underway in Puerto Vallarta, an event where you'll be able to enjoy food tasting, floklore dances, artisanal showings, among others. The expo will run through June 3rd next to the Puerto de Luna Hotel, where Francisco Medina Ascencio and Fluvial Vallarta avenues meet.

It's expected that a large amount of local and tourist visitors will attend the expo, to celebrate the one hundred years of Puerto Vallarta as a municipality of the state of Jalisco. Ramón González Lomelí, PV's Mucicipal Tourism Director, announced there's a series of activities planned for the double anniversay celebrations, 100 years as a municipality and 50 as a city.

The festivities are taking place according to plan, so in addition to the long list of cultural events that have been going on over the past few months, there will be one that will allow the public to celebrate with a traditional fair. This event will also work as a preamble to Mayo Fest, which will star on Saturday, May 26th and will include a series of free shows on a stage constructed by the Malecón Lighthouse.

Conzález Lomelí commented that there are over 13 countries confirmed to participate, plus the presence of several artisans from Puerto Vallarta and the region. These cultural samplings will be in their own booths, properly installed and branded, to allow for visitors -both local, national and international- to enjoy without any hassle.

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Source: Vallarta Opina (Spanish)

Last modified on Saturday, 19 May 2018 18:27