FONATUR with 5 new projects for Downtown Puerto Vallarta

FONATUR, a Mexican government Tourism development fund presented 5 new projects for Puerto Vallarta. The new projects will continue to boost Vallarta's tourism infrastructure and will open up new areas for both visitors and locals to enjoy.

Puerto Vallarta is currently among the top 3 Mexican tourist destinations, so this new investment, that will be part of the Downtown Vallarta's integrated urban development program, is very welcome and has been expected for a long time.

Fonatur 2012 & Puerto Vallarta

The idea is to boost Vallarta to the top destinations worldwide and these projects will be a step in that direction, though it's doubtful FONATUR Director Adalberto Fügemann y López's predictions of PV in the Top 5 Worldwide is a bit over the top, just consider destinations like Paris, Rome, London, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong and even Mexico's own Cancún and it's hard to imagine our beautiful Vallarta could overtake them. It's nice to dream though :-)

The total investment will be around 39 million dollars in five different branches within the local tourism, these include sport and leisure, recreational and public spaces, markets, museums and art, and a retirement residential development.

The list includes:

  1. Metropolitan Sports, Recreation and Culture Complex (METRO COM), to be located in the Hotel Zone, close to Sheraton Buganvilias. A large sports, leisure and culture complex. About half of the budget will go to this part, including a new stadium, an aquarium, a park and a beach club plus a pedestrian bridge for easy access, will include a Federal sea-land zone and a sculpture park.
  2. Lázaro Cárdenas Sculpture Park and Amphitheater, some 3 million dollars will be used to recover the current park in Vallarta's Romantic Zone and offer more cultural activities in the area. Anyone that's seen the poor dried up park can see it needs urgent help.
  3. Sea Mall, around 2 million will go to creating a new fish & shellfish market at Hidalgo Park, it will include restaurants offering the same products.
  4. Cuale River Island Natural & Archaeological Museum. A bit over a million will go to the development of an outdoor museum and improving the park vegetation.
  5. Retirement Residential District, will include buildings, a new hospital, a spa and park areas.

The Vallarta Historical Center Tourism Improvement Program is in charge of many of the most recent improvements in the city, including the impressive changes to the Malecon and the new Los Muertos Pier that will be ready this December.

The goal is to create impressive and iconic sites in this beach destination, which will in turn boost tourism to Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas.

Anybody that knew Vallarta in the 2000's and compares it with Vallarta in the 2010's can see improvements in many parts of town, specially impressive is the Malecon, that now start off by Hotel Rosita and you can stroll comfortably all the way to Playa Los Muertos, but there is still a long way to go, specially with the impressive flops such as the Molino de Agua Condos, that have cut off the view and made it look, in my opinion cheap, like a Mexican style Miami. I'd tear it down immediately, but no one's asking my opinion, anyway :-).

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