This past week began a food distribution program by the municipal government to help the most vulnerable in PV. The city plans to make 3 deliveries of despensas to the Centros de Apoyo Alimentario in different parts of the municipality every 15 days.

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña has implemented a food distribution program to help 7,500 families in the city’s most vulnerable sectors survive the impact of the COVID-19 health contingency.

After a weekend meeting with the heads of municipal dependencies, institutes and OPD’s to define the support program’s strategy and distribution system, Mayor Dávalos visited the food storage warehouse on Monday to supervise the arrival of the first trailer of the provisions that will fill the despensas, and to oversee the many big-hearted volunteers who were assembling them.

These ‘care packages,’ filled with food staples like rice, beans, canned goods and basic necessities, will be delivered to 21 Centros de Apoyo Alimentario (Food Support Centers) in different parts of the municipality for distribution to vulnerable families under the coordination of Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, the president of the Puerto Vallarta Family Development System (DIF) and Víctor Bernal Vargas, the director of Social Development.

Dávalos Peña reiterated that this program was developed to help the families that need it most, but in order to receive this support, one must call 322-178-8010 or 178-8000 (option 9) in advance to schedule an appointment, at which time instructions for when and where to pick up the despensa will be given.

He said that this procedure was devised to avoid crowds of people gathering together in one place and is necessary to ensure the food packages are distributed to those who need them in a safe, orderly and organized manner.

Source: Banderas News