Good news will be flying in this November with an increase in activity for the “Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz” Airport, as it’s been recently reported by the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) the airport will be receiving 1,132 flights, a 21% increase over October. In the same report, GAP announced that 15 airlines -10 international and 5 national- will be flying in this month, with an average of 42 flights per day.

American Airlines will offer new flights in their Dallas-PVR/RN and Phoenix-PVR/RN routes, totaling 148 flights for the month.

Delta Airlines will restart their Atlanta- PVR/RN and Salt Lake City-PVR/RN routes, while keeping their LAX-PVR/RN route steady. 56 projected flights for November.

Alaska Airlines will maintain their routes -LAX-PVR, SEA-PVER, SAN-PVR, SJC-PVR, PDX-PVR and SFO-PVR- at 31 flights per week for a total of 124 this month.

Likewise, Southwest Airlines is projected to complete 64 flights this month, keeping their Phoenix-PVR/RN and Houston-PVR/RN routes.

United Airlines will increase frequencies to 54 weekly flights or 216 for the month.

The airport reports that 9 weekly flights from Canadian airlines West Jet, Swoop, Air Canada, and Air Transat are booked, coming from Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

Nationally, Aeroméxico will offer 6 flights per week. Transportes Aéreos Regionales is steady at 20 weekly flights. Aerolitoral and Aeromar will bring 37 flights per week to the region. Viva Aerobús is offering 29 flights per week. Volaris offers 28 flights each week. And finally, Magnicharters will be offering 2 weekly flights.

Source: NotiVallarta