Hospital San Javier Marina's Gallery Of Smiles

Hospital San Javier Vallarta

On Friday, November 23rd, 2018, San Javier Marina Hospital celebrated its 18th anniversary of operations in Puerto Vallarta.

To commemorate it, the local and foreign community, as well as patients and doctors, met in the hospital to enjoy a cocktail, which led to the cutting of the ribbon that opened the Galería de Sonrisas (Gallery of Smiles), an initiative that collects testimonials from patients with extraordinary case studies, where they share their stories of hope.

It is a temporary exhibition located in the main lobby of the Hospital San Javier Marina, which aims to share the philosophy of humane treatment that the institution has implemented since its founding in 2000 in Puerto Vallarta.

The Galería de Sonrisas is open to the general public and can be visited 24/7.

Source: Vallarta Lfiestyles

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Versión en Español