Independence Day in Mexico


September is the month of Mexico and streets are decorated across the country with paper flags (or plastic) and colorful garlands, which is locally called "papel picado". On each corner there are vendors with a colorful assortment of flags, balloons, hats and pinwheels, in white, red and green, the National colors. There are flags on the houses and all government buildings and town squares.

The main squares themselves are impressively decorated with garlands, patriotic decorations, lights and flags, this is in preparation for the evening party and the grito.

It is celebrated every year at town squares (plaza or zócalo) of all major cities in the country and also in Puerto Vallarta. With two days of traditional Mexican fiesta y with fireworks, parades, games, speeches, all kinds of Mexican food and lots of fun for both locals and visitors.

It all starts on the afternoon of September 15th, when Vallartans, local visitors and foreign tourists start to gather on the square and surrounding streets, leaving almost no room to move, so they can witnesses and participate in the grito. The town mayor, whomever it is at the time, repeats, like a mantra, the same words that the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla proclaimed over 200 years ago.

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