If you belong to the LGBT community and are look for the ideal place to enjoy a vacation at the beach, Puerto Vallarta is definitively the best option.

In addition to excellent weather, Puerto Vallarta offers outdoor activities, shopping and restaurants, sophisticated cafes, bars, discos, bars and strippers and transvestite shows and martini bars if you want to enjoy an intimate conversation.


That is why, among other reasons, in recent years Puerto Vallarta has been called friendliest gay tourist destination in the country.

International Expo & Business LGBT

Each year gay entrepreneurs arrive in Puerto Vallarta so they too can be part of the variety of businesses in Vallarta’s LGBT community, these include art galleries, clothing and accessories stores, restaurants, houseware, crafts and more. With this range of options, it’s not a surprise that Puerto Vallarta is the vacation destination that most people wish to return to on a second occasion.

The news on this occasion is the International Expo & Business LGBT to be held in Puerto Vallarta, and the main goal of this event is to showcase and establish business links between buyers and sellers that have products aimed for the national and international LGBT community.

Among the professionals that will participate from November 20th to the 23rd at the International Expo & Business LGBT in Puerto Vallarta are various service providers that include airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise agencies, car rental, tour operators, travel agents, CVB’s and leading companies that already offer their services to the LGBT community as well as companies interested in expanding their business opportunities into this market.

This great event offers business exchanges and the opportunity to establish up to twentyfour appointments between buyers and sellers, both domestic and foreign, over a period of two days. There will also be held a number of conferences during the event for those interested in learning about the tastes and habits of the LGBT community, as well as the new trends in this business niche.

It should be noted that during the Expo in Puerto Vallarta, Out Now will present the results of the “Out Now Global LGBT 2020 Study” a global study that reveals that Puerto Vallarta is located among the ftop three preferred sites for the LGBT community.

Mexico is home to 4.8 million gay adults that generate $ 67 billion annually (based on a study by Out Now). Brazil has 8.7 million, generating $ 95.8 billion annually, and Argentina has 1.8 million generating $ 27 billion annually.