It's a Chiles en Nogada kind of September

Chile En Nogada Preparado.

For the month of September, Café des Artistes (Puerto Vallarta) and Tuna Blanca (Punta de Mita) invite  everyone to taste one of the most emblematic Mexican dishes: The Chiles en Nogada.

This dish showcases the colors of the Mexican flag: the green chile poblano (filled with ground beef and some fruits and seeds, such as yellow “criollo” peach, San Juan pear, “panochera” apple, almonds and pine seeds), covered with the famous Nogada, a white sauce made with walnuts and goat cheese, that adds a sweet flavor and a creamy texture. The last step is to add red pomegranate seeds that compliment the flavors for its light acidic touches.

In Café des Artistes or Tuna Blanca, you will be able to taste this delicious dish that uses typical ingredients and follows the original recipe of Puebla, with the incomparable chef’s Thierry Blouet seasoning, who will offer this recipe in both its vegetarian and traditional versions.

For dessert, you will enjoy a delicious Chile Habanero Dulce (Sweet Chile Habanero), which is filled with passion fruit mousse and served with vanilla ice cream.

Source: Vallarta Lifestyles