Los Mangos Library to Hold Calavera Decorating Contest

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This year's Day of the Dead festival, set to take place on Friday, November 2 from 7:00-11:00 pm, will also include a Calavera decorating contest to raise money for the library.

To keep one of Mexico's oldest traditions alive, every year, Los Mangos Library and Cultural Center hosts a Día de Los Muertos festival, where Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of free family-friendly activities that range from singing, dancing, music and storytelling, to an altar display, art exhibits, a Catrin and Catrina contest, and more.

Here's how it works:

• Stop by Los Mangos, where you will receive one plaster skull for each $150 peso donation.

• Give it Life! - Paint it, decorate it, turn it into your favorite character!

• Bring it back to the library on or before October 25th and fill out a contest entry form.

• Your decorated Calavera will be exhibited in the library, where visitors will be able to buy votes for their favorites until November 2.

• Ballots can be purchased at the library reception desk for two pesos per vote. To be counted, the votes must be deposited in the urn next to your favorite skull.

• Visitors can vote for their favorite skulls as many times as they wish.

• Voting will close at 8:00 pm on November 2. The votes will be counted and the winner will be announced during the library's traditional Day of the Dead Festival.

• Calavera Contest participants must be present to be declared a winner.

• Any controversy will be resolved by the festival organizing committee.

Source: Banderas News


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