Jalisco is Mexico's Third Most Visited State in First Quarter of 2018


In the first quarter of the current year, 10,6 million foreigners visited Mexico, with Jalisco being visited by 1,192,966 people.

While North America ranked first, South America ranked third, which accounted for 10.4 percent, Asia accounted for 3.4 percent and Central America and the Caribbean 3.1 percent. The country that most foreigners come from was the United States, that is, 2,862,749 nationals, the second place is occupied by other countries, while the third belongs to Canada, while the most popular Latin American countries were Argentina and Colombia.

The state of Quintana Roo reported receiving 4,537,586 people, followed by Mexico City with 2,760, 754 and third was Jalisco with 1,192,966 people.

Most people who enter Mexico (whether Mexican or not) did it by air; Cancún was placed as the metropolis that registered the highest income, Mexico City occupied the second, and Puerto Vallarta was the third main access. The second busiest route was the maritime one with 2,595,711; Quintana Roo occupied two of the three main entrances to the country, as the migration points of Isla Cozumel and Majahual had more reception processes, the third place was for Ensenada, Baja California.

Source: Vallarta Daily


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